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Most Used Social Media Apps in Trinidad and Tobago

Some important data about local social media use

The recent release of statistics about internet use in Trinidad and Tobago by Hootsuite and We Are Social have revealed some interesting facts about where the local population spends their time online. While many of the top social media websites remain the same. The country has seen a relative overall increase in social media use over the last year.

So, here are some interesting points to take away from the report:

1. Google and YouTube remain the top two most used websites

Google and YouTube continue to remain as the top two websites with the most traffic on the islands. This is similar to their recent reports however, it further reiterates the value of investing in Google Search and Display Ads, if it fits with local companies overall marketing goal. As it continues to have the most traffic in the country, it is worth a company’s time to research or try Google Ads, given its immense reach on the island.

2. Facebook is the most used social media website

Despite trends in other countries showing that active Facebook users have decreased, the opposite seems to be true in Trinidad and Tobago. The platform reportedly had 710,000 active users in the 2020 report and this increased to 770,000 users in 2021. This increase further shows that the platform reigns supreme when it comes to reaching the largest local audience on social media.

3. Instagram users increase

Instagram comes in second as the most used social media app in the country. The platform also saw an increase from 410,000 to 500,000 in the potential audience that can be reached using adverts. This increase shows that the platform continues to grow in popularity, however, it is important to note that the platform is particularly popular amongst the younger age groups. Napoleon Cat did a similar report in 2019 and found that “People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group” on the platform.

4. Twitter sees a decline

Not many companies seem to utilize Twitter as a social media platform, besides companies like Dominos TT, it is not frequented especially for advertising. This is likely due to the relatively low numbers of active users locally. The numbers have in fact gone down since last year and currently stand at, 78,400 users.

5. LinkedIn sees a slight increase in users

LinkedIn users went from 390,000 users in 2020 to 410,000 users in 2021. This slight increase is likely due to more unemployment and job postings on the platform during 2020. LinkedIn is still growing locally, however, it seems to like it is becoming a bit more prominent on the island.

What does this all mean?

The statistics from the report reiterate much of what local marketers already know, however, it is important to keep tabs on the digital behaviours of citizens. Especially, when it comes to the apps they frequent. As more people and business have gone online during 2020 so has internet use as a whole, however, the major players both globally and locally (Google, Facebook & Instagram)still remain at the top.

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