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Skittles Does Not Want Trump To Taste the Rainbow

Regardless of whether you’re following the lead up to the U.S. presidential elections, I’m sure you’ve seen much of Trump and Co.’s commentary on social media. In his camp’s most recent statement, Donald Trump Jr. went straight for tact’s jugular and posted the below tweet:

Needless to say, the internet was not happy with this rhetoric. This blog, however, isn’t to debate what’s wrong with that uninformed tweet, or how much deeper the conversation regarding Syrian refugees run. It’s to praise Wrigley America, owner of Skittles, for releasing the following statement:

Wrigley’s PR didn’t have to get involved here. I don’t believe anyone would’ve held it against them given the sensitivity of the issue and the usual obtuseness of Trump’s campaign. However, not only did they see it fit to respond with #nochill, they also kept it classy by making it clear that they had no intentions of using this as a marketing opportunity. In four short sentences they made their point clear; it was clean and smart communication with no underlying meaning or ulterior motive. 

Kudos to you Wrigley! Though you didn’t use this to market Skittles, I’m surely going to #tastetherainbow and celebrate your understanding of that frequently overlooked word ‘tact’. 

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