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Top 10 Most Visited Websites in The Bahamas

It was as if this year was hijacked by Rod Sterling, and we now live in a Twilight Zone episode. The Caribbean hasn’t fared well in this episode due to the dwindling Tourism industry, but islanders are quite resilient. Since we’ve all had to adapt, we decided to check in with The Bahamas to see how their online activity has been impacted. We used to get the top 10 most popular websites in the country. The #1 website has the highest combination of visitors and pageviews.

The website we’ve all befriended during the pandemic has visitors spending approximately 4 minutes here per day and viewing around 3 pages. This relatively low ranking could be attributed to users preferring to access this streaming site via its app.

With less time being spent in the workplace, the spreadsheets and PowerPoints have moved to personal computers. This has led to Bahamians spending over 9 minutes on this website and viewing up to 9 pages.

Since face-to-face meetings have migrated to online platforms, Zoom has grown in popularity. Visitors now spend around 8 minutes on the site per day and view about 4 pages.

This website outranks its Microsoft counterpart overall, but visitors spend less time here with just under 5 minutes per day and view only 3 pages. However, it surpasses Office in the percentage of traffic coming in from search engines. Bahamians seem to be actively searching for specific Microsoft apps instead of browsing its general product page.

With the visitation of family and friends kept to a minimum, it's apparent that Bahamians have relied on this social media site to keep up with their social circle. Visitors spend over 18 minutes on this site and view around 9 pages.

Amazon makes the top 5 due to its high number of pageviews and visitors spending over 10 minutes on the site. Additionally, around 20% of the traffic to this site originates from search engines. Evidently, Bahamians are opting to do their shopping online rather than going to traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Bing’s high ranking is overshadowed by a low daily time spent on the site of around 2 minutes and visitors viewing about 3 pages. Nonetheless, its high number of daily visitors has propelled it to the number 4 spot. The contrary metrics may be attributed to many users having Bing as their default browser.

With visitors spending around 5 minutes on this site and viewing about 4 pages, its high ranking can be credited to a sizeable number of daily visitors. A lot of people use Yahoo to check their emails. Also, the pandemic has brought up many questions about the economy so visitors may have turned to Yahoo finance to answer some of these questions.

This video-sharing platform delivers content that holds visitors’ attention for over 16 minutes and they view about 10 pages. With Bahamians spending more time indoors, YouTube has been the primary consultant for recipes, news, entertainment and educational content.

Unsurprisingly, the world’s most popular search engine leads the pack with visitors spending over 15 minutes on the website and viewing a whopping 17 pages per day. Bahamians clearly favour Google for inputting their search requests compared to Bing.

The work from home initiative has asserted its presence on the list, with the appearance of productivity websites, Zoom, Office and Microsoft. Businesses can grasp this opportunity to create webinars on Zoom to teach visitors about their services or even provide useful tips about working from home. Bahamians also enjoy social media platforms, YouTube and Facebook, spending a collective time of 36 minutes on these sites per day. This provides an ideal opportunity for tailoring marketing ads and campaigns for these platforms. Short video-content or posts with minimal text attached with a picture has a higher chance of grabbing these viewer’s attention.


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