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Trinidad and Tobago Companies that did Digital Right in 2020

This article is based on AC Marketing’s “#DoingDigitalRight” video series.

Consumer behaviour and expectations have changed drastically over the last year. Local businesses in Trinidad and Tobago have had to adapt quickly to follow suit. Especially when it comes to using digital platforms and social media. Despite the increase in online activity from local businesses, there is still a lack of proper understanding of a robust and effective digital marketing plan.

With that said here are some local businesses we believe did digital marketing right in 2020:

1. SuperFreshTT

Platform: Instagram

SuperFreshTT is a Detailing and Sanitation company that cleans and repairs everything from “fabric padded chairs, sofa sets, rugs, carpet, vehicle interiors” and more.

Why do we love their content?

There is nothing more effective on social media than showing exactly what you do. Especially, when it comes to the value of your service. When people go to SuperFreshTT’s page they immediately see what service is being offered and before and after photos. Within seconds of being on their page, the social media user sees both exactly what the company is offering and photos that show the quality of work. Their content is simple and effective.

2. Websource:

Platform: E-mail