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Why is Twitter Spaces so Popular in Trinidad & Tobago?

The new feature on Twitter has become a hit for users and politicians

Why is Twitter Spaces so popular in Trinidad & Tobago?

Twitter. It’s the place where we get the tea on certain hot topics, read some funny tweets and speak directly to politicians? Yeah, that last one might have caught you off guard, yet, it has been the reality for some local Twitter users in Trinidad and Tobago in recent weeks.

In May 2021, Twitter released Spaces to their users, the “live audio conversations” feature, piggybacks off the massive success of the voice chat room app, Clubhouse. The feature has become particularly popular in Trinidad and Tobago. Seemingly every night various spaces are open to the public to discuss everything from politics to music.

But still, we have to ask, why has it become so popular in Trinidad and Tobago?

1. An Online Space for Discourse

There is no doubt that people have been in dire need to talk about issues and even discuss experiences with people other than their family or who they live with. Spaces have given local Twitter users an online space to discuss a range of topics with a variety of people.

Equally, it is with people who share an interest in the topics since they see what the discussion is about before they enter the “space”. This has led to discourse within the LGBTQ+ space, discussions on getting a scholarship/financial aid in the Caribbean, photography and even the realities of dating in Trinidad and Tobago.

2. Talking Directly to Politicians

Twitter has been known to be a political platform, both inside and outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Remember, when Donald Trump posted 200 tweets in a day? Yes, I tried to forget that too, however, there is no doubting the influential role the platform has in the political world. While some local politicians have used it to get information out into the public or even to speak their opinions, Spaces have given them the ability to speak directly to a sector of the population and answer their questions.

Most notably, Faris Al-Rawi has joined 2 spaces which an average of 3500-4000 listeners each.

Think about that for a minute, where, online have locals been able to directly speak with ministers and politicians about issues? And get immediate answers?

3. It’s Fun & informative

On the most basic level, it is just fun. From Travis World’s Music Spaces to conversations on relationships, the feature offers the most informative to the most entertaining listening experiences at the moment locally.

During this particular lockdown, the COVID fatigue and stress have been stronger for many so having a place to talk to other people about topics that interest them or just to listen for the fun of it, has brought many local Twitter users some entertainment and even community during these times.


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