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3 effortless tips to begin your Instagram for Business success


My colleague wrote this article discussing the value of a hashtag on Instagram and I’ve also given my two cents on what makes the platform so compelling. With over 500 million active monthly users, Instagram can be the next solid addition to your marketing strategy and this list of statistics proves its viability. It’s a visual feast that people respond to daily and yet another way to present your brand to an audience of your choosing. Here’s a no-fuss list on getting started with Instagram:

1. Create an Instagram for Business profile: First, you’ll need to create a profile and it’s as simple as downloading the app, and choosing a username and password. You can access Instagram for Business via the Options tab and this opens the door to several key analytic features to help you post strategically. If you’re serious about an Instagram for Business strategy, check out more information on our blog. Also, if you already have a Facebook page, it’s a good idea to link that with your Instagram if you’re planning to cross-post.

2. What’s your brand aesthetic?: We started an ACM Instagram page a few months back with a specific strategy and while the look of our posts were tweaked slightly, the core premise of the profile remains the same. Spend some time on the platform going through profiles within your industry to get some inspiration. For us, a clean, consistent aesthetic that our audience can get accustomed to and, more so, recognize easily has worked well maintaining organic growth. It’s also a good idea to fill in your company profile information including an email/phone number and a website link.

3. Hashtags are you best friend: Instagram hashtags help to categorize its visuals and adding a tag to your photos/videos is the easiest way to reach like-minded people with your content. Every so often, I do some hashtag research to see what’s trending. Note that hashtags such as #tbt, #love,  and #travel never lose their influence. Do you own research and determine which tags will suit you best, based on your brand voice and what your competitors are doing. This helpful guide gives further insight on the hashtag phenomenon. Follow us for more social media updates: Youtube for our Social Media Roundup segments

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