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4 Instagram features your business is not using

Have you ever went digging beyond what you see on the surface of your Instagram Business profile? There are many Instagram features you may not know exist. Fear not, you’re about to be enlightened! This blog is focused on why you should use these features. Information on how to use them will be highlighted as you read along. Here are 4 Instagram features your business may not be using:

Past likes

Previous Likes, Instagram

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There are some posts that are Instagram Collection worthy. You may have forgotten to add said posts to your collection and now you can’t remember where you saw it or who posted. It may have been a customer posting a picture of your product. Fortunately, this Instagram feature allows you to go back and view posts you have liked in the past. But, it should be noted, you can only see the last 300 posts you’ve liked.

Hide particular comments

Hiding particular comments with Instagram feature

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Not all the comments you receive on your business Instagram will be appropriate. They may contain words that are deemed heavy on the eyes. This Instagram feature allows you to filter comments that may contain particular words you think are offensive or inappropriate, saving you time and a curse out. 

Adding multiple stories at once

Post stories all at once, Instagram features

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Similar to Instagram posts, you can add multiple stories all at once. Yes, you can also add gifs to those stories and any other edit you desire. For the busy individual, this Instagram feature gets your content out there all at once, no waiting period.

Follow Hashtags

Hashtag Instagram feature

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No we don’t mean a profile called “Hashtag”, actual hashtags can be followed. Why should your business follow a specific hashtag? Following hashtags allows you to view conversations users are having around your product and service. Also, if you have a business specific hashtag you can locate what people are saying about your business with this Instagram feature. After following a hashtag, you don’t need to go searching for the posts, they will be displayed in your Instagram feed.

Have you used these features before on your business profile? Let us know in a comment below if you have any other feature you’d like us to blog about! #ACMInsight

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