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4 Powerful Video Tips for Caribbean LinkedIn Members

Video usage on social media is on the rise. But many Linkedin members are not using this marketing tool and they are reducing their potential to reach millions of viewers.

Videos must tell stories; they must inform, educate, or entertain. Like words or a photograph, if a video is not intriguing, motivating, or inspiring, it will be forgotten or ignored. On social media, the world audience is watching and statistics illustrate it.

Fascinating Facts and Trends About Online Video on Social Media

  • Sixty percent of people prefer to watch online videos compared to television

  • Online users are using their mobiles to see the video content

  • People who view videos online are more likely to share this content

  • The majority of top management (59 per cent) prefer to watch a video than read a post with words

LinkedIn Caribbean community is made up of over 1 million users. But the vast library of video content online is generated outside the region. So what is stopping us from attracting online viewers? Nothing!

Today, it is not difficult to create a video. There is no need for a studio, large props, camera and lighting stands. With a few pieces of equipment, a tripod to prevent shaky video, a good camera or mobile with high-quality video capability, standard microphone for online broadcasting and a reliable light source, any LinkedIn member can produce their own video content.

These are four dynamic video tips for your first video shoot on LinkedIn.

1. Think about Closed Caption for Your Audience

Eighty-five per cent of Facebook videos are viewed on mute. Think about it, sometimes those videos are distracting due to music or loud volume. This feature is also useful for hearing impaired, people learning a new language and people who are in an environment without earphones or have noise restrictions or working in no social media zone.

2. Do An Audio Check

Most videos feature a speaker and that person needs to be heard. Don’t rely on the audio on your camera or mobile. Invest in a quality microphone for social media. Sadly, if you have great visuals and poor audio, your audience will lose interest and go on to the next video.

3. Try a 30-second video

Short videos perform better online unless you have found captivating content that will keep audiences entertained longer.

4. Show Amazing images in the First Few Seconds

If LinkedIn users are on other platforms, content creators must get innovative if they want to keep the gaze of its viewers. Most content creators on social media are using bolder title screens to attract viewers.

Facebook and Instagram will be challenging to grab the attention of your audience as there are more distractions. But LinkedIn users who create video can guarantee that with a good script, video production and consistency, they can grow their network and engage their audience.


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