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5 Trini Influencers to Follow in 2023


Influencers have a big impact on our society, no doubt. From influencing us to buy the must-haves, to pushing us to do things that we claim we'll never do or never admit. Influencers who will continue to get better and more influential in the next few years are worth keeping an eye on. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of five Trinidadian Influencers to follow in 2023.

5. Obosa Greenidge

Obosa is a wife, working mother of two and a blogger who was born and raised in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

Being a mother brings her great joy and she loves sharing the joys and a few of the challenges of motherhood and family life. She has a passion for traveling to new places, going on adventures and taking lots of photos and videos along the way. She currently aims to lead a more fit lifestyle and she loves sharing her triumphs, challenges and failures on her social media.

She sat with us to share her story of how she realized she was experiencing postpartum depression and how she found comfort in writing about her experiences. Slowly but surely, as she shared her stories with others, her platform began growing and she currently makes money as a content creator. Currently, she has 10.4k followers on Instagram.

4. Samara Maloney

Samara is a 26-year-old brand identity designer and a lifestyle, fashion and beauty influencer. Her range of work includes brands such as Ole Henriksen, Pretty Little Things and Cerave to name a few. Some of the local brands she has worked with are Cedros Bay, CGA and Babe Cave.

To keep her followers engaged, she highlights her day-to-day activities such as staycations and international travel, skincare tips and fashion content. She currently has a following of over 21K followers on Instagram and 21.6K followers on TikTok.

Watch this video to learn more about Samara and her online community.

3. Monique Hills

Monique Hills is a Makeup Artist and Content Creator based in Trinidad & Tobago. She has amassed a following of over 36k followers on Tik Tok and over 8,000 on Instagram. The content she creates encompasses beauty, laughter and soul which has gotten her deals with several brands in Trinidad & Tobago.

She sat with us to discuss the most amount of money she's made from content creation and whether you need to have it all figured out to start making money online. Click here to view.

2. Meriah John

Meriah describes herself as the Trini’ girl with the big hair. When asked about herself, she tell people that she is a beauty and lifestyle social media influencer who loves to travel. She enjoys taking pictures and filming videos about beauty-related things and sharing it with my online community. She has over 7,000 subscribers on YouTube amassing over 395k views and a growing following of 38k followers on Instagram.

To learn more about Meriah’s story about becoming an influencer and some of the international brands she has worked with, click here.

1. Zak Bermudez

Soaring popularity of TikTok has created an opportunity for content creators all over the world. If you have the skill and talent, there's no reason why your content shouldn't be profitable in Trinidad too! And Zak Bermudez proves that.

In this video, we speak with Zak who has amassed a following of over 94k followers on Tik Tok. He shares his content creation journey and how he makes money by giving brands access to his platforms.

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube series where we chat with influencers from all around the Caribbean to learn more about their stories.


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