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Content Creation Tips for Small Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago

Creating content for social media as a small business can be an intimidating venture. There are, however, simple ways to create effective content that SME's can practise.

Ghyanne, the owner of Crown and Luxe spoke in her interview with #ACMLive about her content creation process. Crown and Luxe's Instagram and Facebook pages get a lot of engagement due to their page being regularly updated with aesthetically pleasing product photos, informational posts, and user-generated content.

Ghyanne has a simple yet very effective process that can be used and interpreted for many small businesses in Trinidad and Tobago. Here are three tips she shared with us:

1. First Thing to do is Just Start

Much of the content we see on Crown and Luxe's social media pages have been taken by Ghyanne on her phone. She explained that she has always used her phone for content creation from photography to editing and only when she is investing in an ad will she seek professional work.

"If you scroll down my feed it wasn't hitting the way that it [now] is"

Some of the best content we see today was taken on someone's phone. Don't aim for absolute perfection in the early stages but aim to show your product/services' value through your content.

Also, download and use free apps such as Canva, Over, VSCO, Snapseed (Ghyanne's personal favourite) and video apps like Filmm and InShot. These apps are great for quick and high-quality editing. And especially effective to create a great Instagram or Facebook Story.

2. Think About What Your Target Audience Wants to See

One of the best ways to approach content creation is thinking about what your customers will want to see and what would pique their interest. This will vary from industry and audience but generally, people follow a business account to learn more about the product/service, see the benefits of it, learn how to use it and for any company updates.

In Ghyanne's case she focuses her content on what she sells, informational posts on the product, how to take care of the product and self-care tips related to her products.

Researching what competitors are doing can also be useful but seeing what works for your audience is best done by creating content and seeing what is making any sort of conversion or impact.

3. Review Your Analytics

One of the benefits of using social media for a business is the (free) analytics that companies can access. Ghyanne mentioned that she often goes back and sees what content worked and tries to replicate something from it, for example, the colours used in a post.

If you know anything about us at ACM you would know how much we love data. That's because data can tell you what is working and what isn't. Once you have started producing content have a time period whether that be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to check and review your analytics. There you will be able to see what is performing well and what is underperforming. Analytics such as likes, website clicks, comments and replies are a great way to gauge reach and engagement.

Your analytics are the best way to measure the effectiveness of your content towards your social media goals. It can also help guide you for future content plans.

Catch our interview with Ghyanne the owner of Crown and Lux below:


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