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How Can An Influencer Help Your Brand?

For some reason or the other, people dislike the word ‘Influencer’. Its seen as a bad word. A word associated with the Kardashians of the world. But au contraire! Don’t write them off, influencers can give your brand the push it needs. An influencer is just that, a person that influences! Why wouldn’t you want a person that can pied piper people to your page? In this blog, I’ll outline how influencers can help your brand:

Lean into Change

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An influencer has the trust of his/her own audience. If you can align your brand with an influencer and have that person endorse your product or service, just wait and watch your reach grow! An influencer’s word, for their audience, is the solid truth. They have access to an audience that is untapped which can mean, new customers. Now, we’re not saying have an influencer lie for your brand. It’s best to be genuine with influencer marketing. The last thing you want to do is damage your credibility. Actually, develop a relationship with the influencer an allow him/her to warm up to your brand.

New Blood

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As mentioned, influencers have audiences that you can tap into. A new audience is a new opportunity to generate sales. You can ask the influencer you’re working with to tell his/ her followers to follow your business, not only endorse your product. At the end of the day, you want to establish connections with the new audience that you can gain from at some point. Overall, confirm that the person is indeed connected to your brand or market in some way. If you don’t see the correlation, their audience won’t either. Also, keep in mind your brand voice, is the influencer’s brand similar? Unless your brand is controversial, avoid using an influencer that is problematic and can potentially do more harm than good, just for followers. Quality over quantity, always.

Content, Content, Content

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The gift that steadily keeps on giving. Original content is hard to come by. But with the use of an influencer, this can ease your posting burdens. By collaborating, you can ask him/her to create video or photo content that can be posted or crossposted. Now don’t ask the influencer for an entire commercial, just small things that require little effort. A mention here, a product placement there. Remember, influencers are people too, some might require actual cash payments while others are just looking for opportunities to bring more eyes to their brand. Discuss terms before embarking on your campaign.

Using an influencer in your marketing strategy is overly beneficial if done right. People feel more comfortable knowing they can purchase from a brand that someone else recommended than being adventurous on their own. Remember, influencers have the power to affect whether or not a person checks out or leaves your product on the shelf.

Have you worked with influencers before? What has been your experience? Tell us in the comments!

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