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How Certified Sampson's Ezekiel Connects with Trinidadian Families

Updated: May 20

Trinidadian comedian Certified Sampson (Jamel Sampson) has struck a chord with families across the islands, not with soothing lullabies, but with the mischievous antics of his six-year-old character, Ezekiel. From shredding his dad's retirement check to customizing his brother's brand new Nikes with red paint, Ezekiel's online reign of terror has sparked a hilarious and relatable conversation among Trinidadian families. 

Laughter in the Face of "Chupidness" 

Ezekiel's innocent facade crumbles as his mischievous deeds unfold. But therein lies the brilliance of Sampson's creation. Parents across Trinidad and Tobago recognize the "Oh, oh!" moment all too well. It's the sinking feeling when you discover the culprit behind a household disaster, their wide eyes radiating an angelic innocence that strains credulity. 

Sampson taps into this universal experience of childhood shenanigans. His portrayal of Ezekiel's antics provides a healthy dose of laughter for parents who've been there, juggling exasperation with the undeniable love for their little terrors. 

Holding Up a Mirror 

Beyond the laughs, Ezekiel acts as a social mirror reflecting the realities of Trinbagonian family life. Sampson portrays the characters – from the expressive mother to the exasperated father – with an authenticity that resonates with viewers. We see ourselves in their reactions, sparking conversations about discipline, parenting styles, and the unique challenges faced by Trinbagonian families. 

The online discourse surrounding Ezekiel is a testament to this connection. Parents share their own stories of childhood mischief, offering both humour and a sense of solidarity. It's a reminder that while Ezekiel's antics may be exaggerated for comedic effect, the underlying experiences are relatable to many Trinidadian households. 

The Power of Community and Collaboration 

Sampson's success extends beyond his comedic talent.  He recognizes the power of community and collaboration.  His partnerships with other local creators like Jr Lee and Kyleboss expand his reach and foster a sense of camaraderie within the Trinidadian comedy scene.   

From Digital Fame to Big Dreams 

Sampson's journey from creating online skits for fun to building a successful comedy brand and TikTok community of 1.1+ Million followers is inspiring.  His ability to leverage his online popularity into a real-world business venture with Certified Scoop showcases his entrepreneurial spirit. 


The Last Laugh (For Now) 

Certified Sampson's creation of Ezekiel has proven that laughter truly is a universal language. By capturing the essence of Trinidadian family life, Sampson has fostered a sense of community and connection.  And while Ezekiel may leave a trail of comedic chaos in his wake, one thing's for sure: Trinidadian families are laughing along, recognizing a bit of themselves in every "Oh, oh!" moment. 


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