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How to Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement Using A Strong Visual Strategy

Big companies and influencers gain audiences on LinkedIn because they tell inspiring and fascinating stories.

They also educate and entertain their followers. They achieve this by using a strong visual media strategy.

What Does A Great Visual Strategy Looks Like?

It does not always have to be ”suit and tie” on LinkedIn.

Yet, business LinkedIn members are often challenged to find that right look and mood for their pages. People envision the world of work as a stuffy and stringent environment controlled by corporate rules and hierarchy. One missing element on the platform and on company showcases is the personality and style of the businesses. What do they stand for?

Social media does not play by these rules and online audiences are less likely to notice or care about company bureaucracy. Your content must be visually appealing. You also have to work fast and smart. Did you know that goldfish species have a longer attention span than humans? Yup. 9 seconds. Humans only give you 8 seconds.

To Grab The Interest of Your Audience, Your Visual Media Strategy Must Be

1. Colorful or color minded- colors are important to a brand, the food industry uses green, red, yellow and orange because of their association to specific emotions.

2. Simple-Brands which do well on social media use clear photos and simple text

3. Show Personality-Is your company, fun, restraint, youthful? These elements will matter in your visual media strategy.

Say Something Inspiring and Highlight It

Many LinkedIn users have high engagement rates by using this strategy. The best thing about social media is its ability to inspire millions of people through inspirational quotes. It could be Nelson Mandela or Maya Angelou, there is something uplifting about reading snip bits of wisdom. All that is needed is a large font with or without a striking image on a plain background. This can generate thousands of likes and shares. If it is truly profound people will comment on it, helping to keep those engagement rates higher.

Use Quality Images for Photos and Videos

More global brands are using video to promote their business. American sporting apparel company, Nike has found the perfect formula to engage the audience using strong and smart visual images and innovative video editing. In the ”You Can’t Stop Us” video, followers of the brand see a split-screen of athletes and regular people doing the sports that they love. This production has over 1 million views on LinkedIn alone.

Less is More

Let’s be honest, with so much information on social media no one takes the time to read but that is not to say that words don’t matter, they do. The target audience will only get the message when you give them context and that is where brands insert their strong messaging.

The Power and Potential of Canva

These days you don’t have to hire a graphic designer to get good images for social media. For small businesses and personal brands having Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Canva are the only tools you need. With the latter, Canva, this app has modern templates for all social media platform and a library of free stock photos at your disposal. With these simple and mostly free apps, there are no excuses when it comes to making visually appealing content on social media.

So what are you waiting for? Create that mood board, plan your post and see how a bold and well-executed visual media strategy can boost your engagement on LinkedIn.


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