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How To Create A Dynamic Business LinkedIn Portfolio to Boost Your Caribbean Profile

Globally employment is at its highest. For the thousands of unemployed people, LinkedIn is the place to build connections and find possible job opportunities. But to do this, LinkedIn users must demonstrate to companies that they are skilled and available to work.

Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Think of your LinkedIn profile as an extension of you. You would not go to work without shoes, so why leave parts of your profile blank? Yet, several LinkedIn members upload incomplete profiles.

Common Mistakes Are

· No Profile Photo- More recruiters will click on a profile with a photo than a profile without one. Keep it professional with a photo of yourself in a suit or work attire. A nice clean background, smiling photo will make the right impression.

· Vague Job Descriptor of Profile Summary-LinkedIn is an excellent virtual space to sell your skills and capabilities. Don’t neglect this free billboard or real estate to tell the world who you are.

· Lack of Contact Information- Yes, you are on LinkedIn but everyone does not stay on LinkedIn throughout the day. Add your personal but professional email address, cell phone and website if you have one.

· Default Background Photo-LinkedIn is not Facebook. No one needs to see you skydrive out of a plane (unless that is your profession) or your dog, Lucy. Use this space to advertise your business, your brand and your mission statement.

· Downplaying Your Achievements-you won an award for excellent customer service, saved a child from drowning, visited The Capitol and met the President of The United States. Boast about it. Sell up your life accomplishments, no matter how big or small they are.

There Are No Limitations

The LinkedIn platform is compatible with several other applications and websites. LinkedIn users can share content from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and it also accepts Microsoft Office files, SlideShare and most photo formats.

Other elements that can be shared included

· Letters of Recommendation

· Research Papers

· Videos and Presentations

· Links to E-books, publications and articles

· Volunteer projects

Social media users build their brands passively and subconsciously on other platforms. They accumulated hundreds or thousands of followers by being their authentic self. LinkedIn is no different but the emphasis should be on professional skills and talent and building connections to people who can expand your network.


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