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How to Create A LinkedIn Showcase to Target The Right Audience

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are tools that help your business reach its targeted audience.

This feature is useful if a company has multiple products and services to promote. It can also help build community and engagement. But with all social media features, the creator of the LinkedIn Showcase Page must put in the work. Showcase Pages are beneficial when content managers know their audience and their interests.

Pros of A LinkedIn Showcase Page

This feature is excellent for businesses that wish to advertise their products and services. Take a look at Microsoft 365 showcase page. It features short video clips, cool graphics from popular culture, informative and educational blogs on the company’s products and services.

Showcase followers will only see information from competitors. This allows LinkedIn business members to target niche markets.

Caribbean LinkedIn Showcase Pages At The Top of Their Class

1. Jamaica Stock Exchange

This showcase has a youthful tone as it features Caribbean faces interacting with technology. Gaming, an e-campus and securities courses are some of the engaging content posted on the LinkedIn showcase. This company is finding success by sharing personal goals and company-sponsored webinars.

Status: 18,774 followers

How to make it better: Create a 30-second video clip of a young presenter (alternate male and female) giving interesting investment tips or interesting facts on their sister E-Campus. Also, create a regional spokesperson for the showcase-adding personality to the showcase makes it less static and stilted.

A good example of this is the American insurance company, Progressive, which uses ”Flo” in the company’s marketing materials, advertisements and media. Well-known brand strategist, Dr Terri-Karelle Reid is a good candidate for this. She already has a relationship with the Jamaica Stock Exchange and is familiar with the business and brand.

Jamaica Stock Exchange’s Showcase page:

2. Atlantis Bahamas

A fantasy resort, Atlantis Bahamas highlights are the natural elements-protection of endangered species and its ability to offer paradise within a paradise. The company showcase is on the right track. With a breathtaking location, there is plenty to see and do and the business is doing a great job of showing why people should have a vacation there. Atlantis Bahamas Showcase videos are generating over 1000 views.

Status: 13,036 followers

How to make it better: The world is adjusting to the new normal but there is a lot of uncertainty about how this will affect the tourism industry. If the resort is fully operational (as some hotels and villas still remain close or restrict public events), it could give some virtual tips about what clients will experience at Atlantis Bahamas since the implementation of the COVID-19 travel restrictions. Also, they can use video more on the LinkedIn Showcase Page to give visitors a sneak peek or virtual tour of various marine life at the resort.

Atlantis Bahamas’ Showcase page:

3. Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

The Caribbean Development Bank showcase is focused on a bit of everything-climate action, inclusion and resilience in the region. There is a healthy use of infographics, videos and photos to share the various projects and initiatives of the organization to keep the audience educated and informed.

Status: 11,305 followers

How to make it better: CDB needs to tailor its presentation or format of posts. Use bold headers to highlight topics, select intriguing and inspiring quotes of speakers and increase the use of video on this platform. Audiences are bombarded with thousands of messages each day and they will need clear and prominent images and video clips to capture their attention.

Caribbean Development Bank’s Showcase page:

LinkedIn Tip for Caribbean Businesses

There is a thin line between professional and using clickbait, reactionary content commonly seen on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter. Showcase owners don’t want to go full meme and GIFs but its audience will react more to seeing their colleagues promoting the company brand. Regional brands must use more Caribbean related images and cultural markers to help the audience connect to the business.

What You Need To Create A Dynamic and Engaging LinkedIn Showcase

LinkedIn members must have a business page to set up their Showcase Page. The steps to create the page can be seen here.

Other important tips on creating the page are

  • The name of the Page should be simple and specific

  • Give your page a purpose-tell your audience what you stand for

  • Have a strong hero image and don’t use the LinkedIn default photo

  • Captivate your audience with video

  • Share content to engage and create community

Now, the work begins! As a business, know what you want to accomplish e.g. highlight the youth and build a network and find a marketing strategy which appeals to their audience.

What A LinkedIn Showcase Page Won’t Do For Your Business

Owners of LinkedIn Showcase Pages should know this feature will not magically create social media popularity. If you have 500k plus followers on other social media pages they won’t follow you on LinkedIn by default. LinkedIn is a different environment and the strategy for the brand should be specific to this professional network.

If don’t post, people will notice and that is never good! If the content manager does not have the time to publish content, bad news, LinkedIn must be contacted first before the Showcase page can be deleted. Also, similar to Facebook, a showcase page is different and independent to the business page and both must be updated independently. This will mean an added workload and require a commitment to maintaining each one. If you have the budget, utilize content management websites like Hootsuite to do the hard work for you.


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