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How your brand can catch World Cup fever in Trinidad and Tobago

If you have been living under the pavement, World Cup 2018 is at hand. The world will be abuzz with football related information for the next few weeks. Therefore, if your business is not in this conversation, then what are you even talking about? Here are some ways your brand can be a part of this trending topic:

1. Russia isn’t just about Putin

World Cup Food

Firstly, the Fifa World Cup 2018 is being held in Russia this year. Your business can talk about the country and whatever product you sell or service you provide. Using the hashtag #WorldCup2018 also draws attention.

2. Thirty-two teams to choose from

JTA World Cup post

Thirty two teams will be competing to become World Cup Champions. Basically, following the fixtures, you can adjust your content daily to speak towards a specific team that won or lost their match. So, these are great conversation starters, especially if your target audience consists of mainly men. Brasil is there, just saying.

3. World Cup Players

World Cup Fan Zone

Moreover, there are ongoing discussions and debates about the greatest football players. You can generate these conversations. The likes, shares and even comments by your followers can increase reach. Who is the greatest? Cristiano or Messi? No, Neymar isn’t even in this convo.

4. Uninterested Women

Spa world cup

Believe it or not, there is an audience of women on social media who do not care about football and less that there’s a cup associated. Preposterous right? Your business can capitalize on this and speak directly to these women who want nothing to do with the World Cup. E.g. Spa services, get away since the husband is occupied with football.

5. World Cup Specials

World Cup Sports and Games

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Your business can have special offers while World Cup fever is present. Undeniably, social media users are more attracted to products that speak to their interest at that time. Thus, harness the season.

There are many other ways you can jump on the World Cup brand wagon, being relevant and starting conversations. Don’t be afraid to dabble in the world of sports, despite your brand. Just remember it’s important to know what you’re talking about before you talk about it. Do some research and figure out the best ways your brand can get visibility and become a conversation starter. Bandwagonists are sometimes not accepted, a Businesswagonist however, we can make an exception.

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