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Instagram Nametags…Why?

Instagram recently launched their Nametags feature and it had me asking, why? The Instagram Nametag feature allows users to share their usernames visually in a customizable image. If you’re accustomed to typing out the long_rid.cul0us_nam3 of a profile you wanted to follow, then it’s time to upgrade with this scanning feature! But why should your business use Instagram Nametags? Here are 3 reasons why:


ACM Nametags Stories

Your business can share its Instagram Nametag directly to other sites quick and easy. When you have created your Nametag and settled on the way it looks, go ahead and crosspost it on your Facebook and LinkedIn. Its shared as an image which is much more visually pleasing than placing a link in a post.


ACM nametag

Instagram Nametags can be customized with an emoji, your brand colour or selfie (if that’s what you want). Choose a style that best represents your business and use it for your Nametag. Luckily it’s not a one time choice, you can change the layout of your Nametag anytime. The use of gifs haven’t been introduced to the Nametags, but we’re hopeful!


Instagram Nametag Stickers

via Ink Paper Sparkle

The best part of Instagram Nametags being in image format is that it can be printed! Instead of using your Instagram handle on your business card, you can swap it out for a mini picture of your nametag. This goes for any other printed material that your business may produce. If your business has physical products, even better! Slap your nametag on your labels. Your business is one scan away from another potential customer.

At first I was skeptical about Nametags..because why? But after fiddling and research, it is useful for businesses! Start sharing it around; the more it’s seen, the more users will be inclined to use it. Tell us in the comments below where you’ve seen Instagram Nametags used the most.

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