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LinkedIn Tips for Caribbean Business in 2021

LinkedIn trends from 2020 that could help your business perform better in 2021

LinkedIn is still a growing platform in many parts of the Caribbean. It became more popular in 2020 as more job seekers and businesses in the Caribbean gravitated to the platform. Caribbean businesses of all sizes and types still struggle to find their place and voice on the professional networking site to gain the benefits of it.

With that being said we wanted to share some 2020 LinkedIn trends and how it can help businesses perfect their presence on the platform in 2021:

1. You Have to Earn Users Attention

There is a lot of content online. This means that your business has to think about competition both on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. When thinking about your content, think about how you will earn people’s attention. This means that you have to create content that simultaneously grabs their attention and finds them.

LinkedIn tips online often tell people to focus on copy but with so much competition you will want to give an equal amount of focus on the visual aspect of your post as well, especially video content. This can be short or long-form videos but strong visual imagery is one sure way to grab LinkedIn Users attention. Another way to ensure this in 2021 is by using any of their new additions such as LinkedIn stories, using options like this will just increase the ability for your imagery and copy to reach users who are actively using the platform.

2. Carefully Communicate Your Brand Online

LinkedIn is one of the main places where your company and brand will exist for people to view online. So, post and strategize your content carefully and always have your brand and what it stands for in mind. Ask yourself, how do I want my brand to be viewed online? What values does your brand emulate both on and offline?

Think carefully and frequently about your marketing goals, plans and overall brand image when creating all your digital content. This will help create a clear brand voice that sets your brand apart and stands out in the noise and your competitors. LinkedIn reportedly saw a 55% increase in conversations and connections on the platform so make sure you have content that people are going to engage with and talk about.

3. Empower & Invest in your Employees

You must invest and showcase your employees on the platform (with their consent of course). 2020 showed the value of having great workers, so you can showcase them on your business profile and the incredible work they have done. If that is not something that suits you or your employees then you can also invest in LinkedIn learning. It gives your employees access to numerous videos that can help them in areas they may want to improve on or even when they want new skills. LinkedIn isn’t just a space for jobs and connections it’s also a great place for learning for both you and your employees.


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