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Make This Change to Your Instagram Business Account, Now

Still running your business from your personal Instagram account? Yeah, you might want to stop. A business profile on Instagram offers insights and features you won’t get as an individual profile. In this blog, I’ll list a few settings you can use to optimize your Instagram business account after you’ve converted.


There is the option to add your company’s email or contact number directly to your business account. These are noticeable call to action buttons which give users access to you at the click of a button.


With 150 characters, an Instagram business account has a section for your company’ bio. In this section, be informative, precise an eye catching. You can include your company’s tagline, a branded hashtag an emojis.


You can add a link to whichever website page you choose. Create a custom page specifically for Instagram users or link to recent info about your business, campaign, new products etc. Mention in your posts that users should visit the link in your bio. This drives traffic to your website.

Crossposting from Instagram Business Account

Connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook page. This creates a cross posting relationship that you can use in times of limited content. It also shows customers that you are active on more than one social network and gain new connections.


A business account has insights to your audience. Insights that you can use to tailor content. These include, interactions, reach, impressions, website clicks an audience demographics

Instagram has the option for a business profile for a reason. It’s better for business. Convert your profile and check out these settings. If you need help converting your account or you’d like us to optimize it for you, shoot us a message! We’d be glad to assist, it’s what we do.

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