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Social Media Content Ideas for Caribbean Businesses

Some creative and easy ways to make new content for your Caribbean business.

Social Media in the Caribbean is becoming increasingly competitive especially as COVID-19 has pushed more companies into the digital space.  While this is great for consumers, it makes content creation a bit challenging in the region.  Creating social media content can be fun however, it can quickly becoming exhausting when you are trying to keep up with demand.  So, here are a few easy and creative content ideas that Caribbean Businesses can use on their social media pages: 

User Generated Content (UGC)

Where to post: Facebook & Instagram

Your digital audience is an incredibly valuable resource, not only in the ways they support you but also in the content they can provide. A lot of consumers share products they enjoy on their pages and stories and this is a great way to get quality content while also having posts that show customer testimonials.  The best way to curate this content is to brand a hashtag that your followers can use so you can see all the posts in one place and choose the ones you think are best suited to your brand’s look and identity.  

Behind the Scenes

Where to post: Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Social Media users often enjoy seeing the behind the scenes of businesses big or small.  It is a great way to show what goes on to deliver the product to a client and it increases engagement just based on curiosity.  You can also put your own creative spin on it and show the various steps it takes to run your business, whether that is the packaging, delivery and more! Giving some insight into your operations is easy content to make and interesting to your followers! 

Product Shots Anywhere & Everywhere!

Where to post: Facebook & Instagram

Product shots are a staple on any business's social media page, however, they don’t always have to be highly edited images.  Once you have solidified your brand identity and target audience, think about where your product would exist.   On the beach? In nature? Can it be used anywhere? Great, then take photos of the product or service you offer in the places where it would be used.  If that doesn’t suit you then you can take in studio images of the products. Either way it is important to take as many as you can so that you can use these images over a long period of time.  Ideally, you should have a mix of both professional and “in the wild” product posts. 

Often it can be easy to lose focus of the impact of your social media posts especially when you are posting day to day. However, it is vital that you always keep your audience in mind and create the content you think they will want to see! You may realize a weekly behind the scenes post is all you need to add some fresh content to your page!


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