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Social Media Content we need to see from Caribbean Creators during the Covid-19 Pandemic

While sitting in standstill traffic on the Beetham highway, I decided to take the opportunity to clean my handbag. For those who ever doubted the stereotype, I’m here to let you know it’s true, and we hoard baby wipes and the kitchen sink. I proceeded to separate bills and call cards before opening an envelope I received from the bank with the Terms and Conditions of my new Credit Card. Although I sat in my car for more than an hour, with no need to push the accelerator, I am not in a position to coherently explain the interests incurred on my card.

It’s easy for us to point our fingers at the financial sector because it would be ideal if their lingo were less legal and more The Graham Stephan Show: a candid look at what happens when the card is used and details surrounding interest. However, several Caribbean professionals can simplify the jargon, yet I can’t seem to find them online. As my entrepreneur journey shifts into business development, I find this void applies to multiple sectors, including legal, fashion, nutrition, and so much more.

As we find ourselves forced to stay inside, I am documenting my presumptuous ways to give you a task that has self-seeking benefits. Here is a list of content that I would like to consume from Trinidad and the wider Caribbean:

The Best Approach to Investing

Covid19 has been the financial advisor no one wanted. I’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, watched a few episodes of Dave Ramsey and listened to all the Freakonomics Podcasts. Still, I have continued to make questionable decisions around money. Yet, the fear of losing everything I’ve built due to something I cannot control is enough to spark immediate change. It would be great to learn about the investment options available in the Caribbean, without fancy terms. Something like the Betterment app, the visual version.

Navigating Local Taxes

It took me two years to figure out a workaround to open a US dollar account in the USA. Access to Forex is essential for business continuity as the core of our services include expenses charged in US dollars. Due to my extensive research, I know more about taxes from the United States than from Trinidad and Tobago. It’s easier for me to go beyond their websites and find videos that share information in laymen terms.

What's the point of Life Insurance?

Insurance has been a conflict of my health and wellbeing since my teenage years. I was instructed to start young to reduce my monthly premium. However, I do not fully understand the benefit without children. Why is this a default in our society without question?

Nutrition Tips while under the Caribbean Lockdown

Tasty is one of the most prominent Facebook Pages in the Food industry, with thousands of videos showing you how to make quick meals. Foodie Nation is the Caribbean version, which features food and is managed by a Trinidadian team. There is a subsegment audience that exists within their following of close to half a million. If you’re a nutritionist, it’s time to let us know about our health because ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ has a different meaning to each island in the Caribbean.

Styling for Year-round Summer

I would describe my style as Carrie Bradshaw meets Mark Zuckerberg. I love the fearless approach to ideas but need the practicality of comfort. It’s hard to find that type of style online and even harder outside of a four-season climate. If you’re a stylist, it’s time to teach us ways to glamify our work-from-home attire and excite us with outfit ideas Post-Covid-19.

The approach to technology from the public and private sectors has not caught up with their citizens and consumers, respectively. We are receiving our information via a visual medium, yet their Digital Strategy does not reflect as such. There is an opportunity for SME owners to fill the gap with content that will benefit their audience and lead to sales. All it takes is your smartphone and consistency to increase your chances of getting my time and money.


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