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Social Media Roundup – Week 5

And the Twitter Award goes too…

Twitter is currently accepting submissions for their annual Twitter Awards, a celebration of creative campaigns executed on the social network. Brands have been utilizing Twitter for many years to reach out to customers in innovative ways. Twitter’s structure forces a to-the-point strategy, so brands really have dig deep to engage with their audience. Twitter is currently very underused locally and regionally, and it’s reflected in our inability to submit entries for the Awards. Marketing Managers need to put aside time to research the viability of these social networks, and incorporate fresh ideas into their marketing activities.

LinkedIn steps up its analytics

LinkedIn is widely known as the go-to professional networking site that brings companies closely to the decision makers in their respective industry. However, marketers have lamented the lack of robust analytics which can help them improve campaigns. Good news! LinkedIn recently announced Conversion Tracking, described as ‘a set of capabilities build directly into LinkedIn Campaign Manager that lets you easily measure how many leads, sign-ups, content downloads, purchases, and other specific results you’re getting from your Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns’.  It’s about time LinkedIn!

Multitask like a boss

Marketer? Small business owner? Both? Then you understand the on-the-go lifestyle we face daily. Luckily, with the rapid advances in tech, our office goes with us, and there are countless great apps out there to keep us in the know. We highly recommend Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Microsoft Office, Skype for Business and Facebook Pages Manager. What apps are essential to your daily workflow?

Email Marketing? Yes please!


Inexpensive, robust, tailored and able to reach large audiences with a click. Including email marketing in your strategy is simply another way to specify the conversations you’re having with different segments and give them information that they want. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; there are countless case studies of great email marketing campaigns that have helped companies achieve their goals. Articles like that need to be part of a marketer’s weekly reading.

The continued evolution of Social Media

When Facebook first started, we communicated largely with status updates. That evolved to updates and photos, and now we’re in the era of video. Facebook Live quickly swept through the social site, with celebrities, news outlets and the regular chewbacca moms getting in on the video craze. All you need is a phone and Facebook app. As trends like these emerge, especially when it links seamlessly with how the market consumes media, marketers need to be on the ball, constantly thinking of how to present content in new and exciting ways. Remember, your first priority is your audience, and if you’re posting ads in the newspaper, while they’re spending the majority on their time on Instagram, for example, you wasting your resources.

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