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The Social Media and Gaming Series 3

In my previous blog, I asked the question ‘How does a company outside the video game industry tap into this passion profitably?’ Many brands will answer you with a smile, as they have been doing it for some time. They’ve honed in on the fun, competitive and exciting aspects of games to help entice customers, strengthen their relationships and increase overall loyalty. 

It’s called Gamification, which is defined as the use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non game-contexts. In my next blog, I’ll get into the specifics of how brands have created magic and success by incorporating this philosophy into their strategies. This week, however, I want to bring a level of understanding to both Gamification and its real world potential because it’s this type of innovative thinking that helps push your brand beyond the conventional.

The idea of Gamification, for me, starts with Jane McGonigal, Game Designer, Cultural Observer, Author, optimist and believer in utilizing both games and gamers to make the world a better place. Her TED talks below give insight into both her love of the industry, her understanding of how games speak to us psychologically, and how she turned a rough life experience into a game that extends your lifespan 7+ minutes.  Her talks are from a very personal perspective and I believe this is the optimum starting point for furthering my Gamification conversation next week. I invite you to listen to Jane and see if you can relate to her experiences, and stay tuned for my concluding blog in The Social Media and Gaming Series. 

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