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Top 3 Instagram Business Account Mistakes

Do you have an Instagram business account? If you do, then that’s great! But are you using the app effectively? We’ve noticed some faux pas and listed the top 3 Instagram business mistakes. Don’t worry we’ve got some easy fixes in there:

Your Instagram Business under Lock and Key

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First of all, what’s the purpose of having a private Instagram business account? Don’t answer that. No reason is good enough. Many of your potential customers are probably hitting you the return button when they notice your account is private. An Instagram business account should be open and ready for all followers. People usually want to see your posted content before they decide to follow. There should not be a waiting period for a customer to see your products. Your Instagram account, like everything else in this day and age, should be readily available. Just switch from private to public.

Nobody’s Home

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Some accounts post great content! Discount prices, wonderful images and eye catching videos. However, when you look at the comments, the followers are being ghosted. No response to their questions, no general engagement and no brand voice. Always attempt to respond to followers in some shape or form. It builds community and loyalty. It’s a shared annoyance when there are ten (10) comments all asking “What’s the cost?”, with no response. Simply, interact with your followers. It will boost your engagement and make your followers feel great.

Hashtag Lag

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Finally, failure to use hashtags. Hashtags are one of the main ways people can find their interests on Instagram. If you sell coffee and do not hashtag coffee, very few people will know you sell coffee. Most noteworthy, always use a business specific hashtag for your account. For example, #HomemadeGoodnessTnT, used by Anchor Caribbean. Followers can submit recipes from Trinidad and Tobago and use the hashtag to be found by Anchor Caribbean. Using a business specific hashtag assists your customers in finding or identifying your content any time. You can check out Hashtagify if you need assistance in determining popular hashtags for your product or service.

Simple changes can make a world of difference to your online presence. Be visible, start conversations and be apart of them. Noticed any additional Instagram business mistakes you’d like us to write about? Comment and let us know!

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