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Top 3 tips for keeping your Social Media in check


On this week’s Social Media Roundup video (read the blog here), we tackle some social media faux pas that call into question the attention certain companies/brands are giving to their virtual presence. From unrelated articles that, in retrospect, aren’t entirely true to begin with, to posting broken links and forgetting to do the requisite checks, it’s been a tough few days of social media facepalms. However, it’s not the mistakes, but what we can learn from them, so here are 3 simple things you can do to ensure your social media is always above par:

1. Do your research: Facebook is inundated with clickbait. As their algorithm rapidly changes, publishers, companies, brands, and even family and friends are constantly vying for our attention. As a social media manager, or content curator, you have to be diligent in sifting truth from noise. A quick Google search to verify that article you’re a bit skeptical about can save you much embarrassment in front of your audience.

2. Human AND tech, not OR: Any social media manager will tell you that tools like Hootsuite, Facebook Scheduler, and Buffer are their ride-or-die. It makes monitoring several platforms at once much easier, and streamlines the posting process for maximum impact. In no way does it mean that the human element is no longer necessary. You may schedule a month’s worth of content but outages, glitches and other such interruptions can affect your social feed. Perform checks daily to ensure your copy is free of errors, and your links are taking your audience where you want them to go.

3. Don’t over-post: Your audience is bombarded daily with messages from an array of companies and brands, from their social media, to email, to radio, television and outdoor advertising. They filter this information based on what interests them and discard the rest. Don’t aggravate your audience by being persistently in their faces. This can lead to them hiding your posts, or worse, un-liking your page in retaliation. This is why understanding your audience and providing them with worthwhile, interesting and valued content is so much more important than throwing content to the wind and hoping it hits someone in the face.

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