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What Brands Can Learn from Machel Montano’s Instagram

Dr.Mashup needs no introduction, so let’s dive right into it. There are many ways Instagram can be used, then there are the ways that work. Machel’s Instagram strategy definitely works for him and other brands can learn from it. Now, these are some simple pointers, but oh are they effective:

Link in Bio

If you follow the Monk, you’d realize that he refers to the link in his bio often for his music and other content. However, you may not notice that these links do not go to his website, though he has one. It actually takes you to Link in Profile. Link in Profile is a site that drives traffic to exactly where you want an individual to go to, and in Machel’s case, it’s more than one link at a time. A tiled view is given with links to youtube for a new track or even an article about a collaboration. Your business may want to reconsider changing your bio every single time you have new content, just a suggestion.

Buy! Here! Now!

A post shared by machelmontano (@machelmontano) on Jan 21, 2019 at 3:52am PST

Believe it or not, you do not need to sell every single time you post to Instagram. Let me tell you right now, your followers don’t like when you talk about yourself all the time. Trust me, I know, I follow you guys. Take a post out of the King of Soca’s Instagram and be different. In his case, he posts inspirational and encouraging captions (with pictures of himself of course lol). With these daily readings, you’d totally forget he ruined Iwer a few days ago.

Behind the Scenes

A post shared by machelmontano (@machelmontano) on Jan 10, 2019 at 4:28pm PST

Along with not selling every day all day, posting behind the scenes images adds a personalization to your brand in a way that requires minimal effort. No graphic artist required. On Machel’s Instagram, him posting the above information and picture gives his audience insight and a sense of exclusivity to his brand and life. This same information can’t be found on his Facebook page. That’s a reason to follow him on Instagram. You’d find that many brands separate the content on their social media touchpoints, but that’s another blog for another time.

Instagram Story Highlights

For business, every Instagram feature is a feature worth exploring to its maximum potential, whether it be hashtags or voice messaging. I’m sure you’ve seen many profiles with Instagram highlights that are uniformed and tailored to a title. Brands do this for aesthetic. Machel’s Instagram adds a twist to his by having artwork, initially created for his tracks, posted to his Instagram stories in order. Each story also has the option to “See more” information on what’s posted. Now, doesn’t that look pretty?

Double M’s Instagram is definitely standing out and showing the use of best practices in social media management. It works for his brand and grows his following daily. Do you think you can use these strategies for your brand? Let us know below!

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