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Where do you start your Ecommerce journey in the Caribbean?

Okay, I'm Inspired! I'm a Small Business Owner in the Caribbean. How Do I Get Into Ecommerce?

Let's learn from Steve Jobs. You need to start hiring professionals in their field to handle the technical aspects of online shopping. It has to work simultaneously, as you focus on creating a profit.

Check out this conversation with Vivienne Shakespeare-Reynolds from CoolMarket and Christopher Burns of First Atlantic Commerce (FAC). They are based in the Caribbean and can help your eCommerce dreams come true.

Finding a Web Developer - Sightfactory

Sightfactory is a web application development studio based in Trinidad and Tobago. They provide a complete set of services to deliver the greatest user experience through a mix of visually stimulating design, intuitive layout, user-friendly functionalities and interactive components. In terms of eCommerce, Sighfactory can create a website for your business so you can sell your products online.

Sightfactory's client portfolio includes:

  • The Trinidad and Tobago Ferry Service – whose website they designed so that you can now purchase tickets online using your credit card.

The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago turned to Sightfactory to develop a custom-built real-time online ticket booking application. The result? Easy ferry ticket booking.

  • Destination Trinidad and Tobago – a tour website where you can book trips and tours in Trinidad and Tobago and pay online via credit card.

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC)

FAC provides online payment solutions and international credit card processing for merchants, banks, and partners worldwide. They provide a payment gateway solution that enables merchants to accept and process credit and debit card payments online.

So together, Sightfactory can set up your website, and FAC can facilitate online payments. And voila! You're now utilizing eCommerce.

The Ecommerce Process in the Caribbean

To dive into eCommerce, you need these four things:

  1. Formulate a strategy and plan for your online business model.

  2. Apply for an eCommerce merchant account with your local bank (different from a standard business account).

  3. Have a website developer like Sightfactory set up a functioning website for your business.

  4. Have a gateway company like FAC provide the connection between your website and your eCommerce merchant account (takes 1-2 weeks).


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