• krystalpennybowen

Why You Should Start Using LinkedIn Live For Your Caribbean Audience

LinkedIn Live is one of the best ways to engage your followers. But the feature launched in 2019 is available by invitation only. If LinkedIn members obtain permission, it will transform the way you interact with your Caribbean audience.

But first…

There Are Serious Rules When Using LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is not like Facebook and Instagram Live. The rules on this professional platform are more rigid than on other social media.

These are some of the critical rules to consider

  • No meta LinkedIn video-Don't sell LinkedIn on LinkedIn!

  • No short videos-video length should be over 15 minutes

  • No promotional videos or large logos

  • Keep it professional after all it is LinkedIn

  • Don't record content in advance for LinkedIn

If you follow the rules, you will continue to enjoy the joys of LinkedIn Live.

Pros of LinkedIn Live

Marketers, recruiters, brand ambassadors understand the power of video. Video is the fastest marketing tool or feature used online today and LinkedIn knows this.

You Connect To The People That Care About You

If you have 5000 followers or 50,000 followers, the best way to test your dedicated fan base is to use LinkedIn Live. Online users know how to reach and engage audiences; it takes consistency, dedication, and good wholesome content. This feature allows you to be intimate and capture people's attention despite distracting and rapidly changing social media. Real-time comments and reactions of your audience feature is another advantage as you can analyze your performance as a brand and learn more about the audience you are reaching.

Everyone Knows You Are ”Live"