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You should start using Instagram Questions sticker right now

Instagram questions sticker has turned Instagram stories into a survey. Though annoying in the personal sphere of things, it’s Christmas in July for business pages. Your business should beat this iron while its hot because it is trending. Also, people love to give their opinions on social media. Here are the top 2 reasons why your business should use Instagram questions sticker:

Qualitative Audience Insight

Instagram Story Instagram Questions Sticker

via pepsicenter

Right of the bat you can ask customers directly what they require from your business or questions just to get to know them. This is a level up from the poll and emoji slider stickers where you can only vote. The Instagram questions sticker is a conversation starter. It allows customers to create full personal responses to your business. You get to know your customers and your customers get a chance to give you piece of their mind, so to speak. You can get customer ideas and recommendations you may have been missing. There is no down side to that constant flow of communication between business and customer.

Free content beats Free everything else

Janouras instagram questions sticker

via Janouras Custom Design Limited

What’s better than free content? Nothing. When you receive responses from your customers, you can share these responses right back to your stories. This gives other viewers a chance to see what your audience is interested in, something they may even identify with. It also educates those viewing, of the status of your business or products and services. Depending on the questions of course. Throw in a Gif and you’ve got a free video also. Yay engagement!

You should note that customers can respond and say whatever they choose to. This may either be positive or negative. Be prepared for both complaints and compliments. Don’t overwhelm your customers with a million questions and don’t post a million responses, everything in moderation as usual. Avoid being generic in your questions, be specific to gain quality responses. Follow us on ACM’s Instagram, we’d love to know what you want us to blog about next!

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