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3 Easy Ways to Get User Generated Content

Content that has been created by someone in your audience is considered User Generated Content (UGC). This can be photos, videos and anything that speaks about your brand. Many big name brands use UGC like Amazon because it fosters trustworthiness and brand loyalty. But, where can you find it? Here are some easy ways to get user generated content with examples from our client:

Hashtags & Tags

A post shared by Sweet P’s Tasty Treatz (@sweet_ps_tasty_treatz) on Jan 30, 2019 at 10:31am PST

Hashtags exist as a way to find similar posts and to be apart of conversations. Search a hashtag that resonates with your brand, whether it be the name of the business or a line from the tagline. If your business has been lucky enough to be tagged in UGC, it minimizes your searching. Depending on the size of your brand or how social it is, user generated content will populate right away when you search the hashtag. Don’t forget to share the content to your stories if it was posted to Instagram. It gets tiring seeing businesses talking about themselves. Customers talking about a business is taken as a recommendation and people are then more inclined to purchase.

User Generated Content: Submissions

Anchor’s Celebrity Chef, Chef Cheryl-Ann Shortt-Charles tried all 12 recipes submitted for the Anchor Drink Challenge… Posted by Anchor Trinidad and Tobago on Friday, April 5, 2019

Can’t find user generated content? Create an avenue to get it! Start a social media competition that involves submitting the type of content you’re looking for. If you’d like a picture of your product in a scenic place or a video of your business with a review and a branded hashtag, create rules for your competition with the content in mind. Consider all the user generated content you’d be getting at no cost to the user! Content that you can use beyond the competition saving you time and money.

Community Conversations

#KitchenTipTuesdays Lambert recommends washing your tin cans before opening. Cans tend to collect dust and bacteria in storage which can make you unwell. Posted by Anchor Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Take note of the conversations your audience is having. What do they respond to the most? Why are they always talking about a particular topic? You can create content for your business using this info. We tried ‘Kitchen Tips’ for our client and it was a hit for the audience. Knowing your audience helps with this. We knew that our client’s customers were people who would appreciate information that would save them time in the kitchen and keep them healthy. We used that info and generated content!

How do you get your audience to give up their user generated good stuff? It’s a work in progress and these tactics change from day to day. Let us know other ways we can foster user generated content.

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