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Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn

Some insights into why the platform is great for advertising

With over 400 million+ users worldwide and 100 million+ unique users each month, LinkedIn has quickly become the go-to platform for professionals, across all industries and disciplines. It’s continuously evolving and providing services aimed at amplifying conversations for both B2B and B2C audiences.

The platform is steadfast in holding true to its professional label, with members regularly frowning on posts that do not add value to their news-feed. Either you go business or you lose your audience.

It’s a powerful networking tool, and there are countless case studies to hit this fact home, but how does this translate to attaining your business goals? How can you harness the magical properties of LinkedIn to reach that ‘achievement-unlocked’ moment?

LinkedIn Advertising provides a robust process for rolling out campaigns to a targeted B2B audience. (Note that to use this tool, your company must have a LinkedIn company page.) It currently estimates that Trinidad and Tobago has 289,000+ persons utilizing LinkedIn (approximately 22% of the country’s population).

The segmentation possibilities are what bring that number into perspective; from age and gender, to job title and seniority, to education and skills, you are able to determine where to direct your resources to derive the greatest value for your business. Perhaps your organization has decided on a segment of marketing and brand managers (among similar titles) within a specific industry, who you want to reach out to with a sponsorship advertisement. LinkedIn makes this precision possible and immediately lets you know how many persons your campaign will reach.

You may be wondering: Why make this part of my budget? Why not use email or telemarketing, as these methods have worked in the past?

The answer is two-fold. Firstly, it saves your business time, bringing the desired message straight to your target’s virtual doorstep. Secondly, it makes your follow-ups easier, as you can track the analytics of your advertisement and then proceed with personalized B2B communication to start building those desired relationships.

Sounds to good to be true, right? That ultimately depends your willingness to commit to the platform. Like any other business decision you must understand both your needs and your clients’ needs to ensure the channel you add aligns with your overall strategy.

In my next blog, I will discuss how certain companies have done their due diligence and made LinkedIn an advantageous addition to their social lineup.


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