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Tips to get your LinkedIn Profile Noticed in The Caribbean

Simple tricks to get attention on your LinkedIn Profile

Have you ever seen someone’s perfectly curated LinkedIn profile and wondered “how does this person do it?” Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn works in a very particular way. While it is a social media site it also acts as your online resume, so you have to learn to treat it as both. Especially, as more Caribbean job seekers and recruiters join the platform you want to have an effective LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed.

Here are three tips to get your LinkedIn Page noticed in the Caribbean:

1. First thing is first

The first thing someone sees on your profile is your profile picture and your headline, so make them count! Ensure that your LinkedIn profile picture is a clear, simple and professional image of you. Next, is your headline. The headline is often overlooked on LinkedIn profiles. While everyone fills it out not everyone uses it to its full potential. Your headline should include your job title, your speciality or expertise and it can even include what you will provide to your clients or employees. This information is crucial as other people on LinkedIn will see it at the top of your profile and under your name when you share or comment on posts.

Example: Radio Host | Podcaster| Training in Public Speaking

2. Have your Industry’s keywords on your profile

Recruiters know the type of person that they want to employ especially when it comes to skills and experience. So, you will want to ensure that your profile has the keywords that are often associated with your industry or position. The best way to find these keywords is by looking at job postings that you are interested in and seeing what the most frequently listed skills and characteristics recruiters are looking for. Once you have identified these keywords match them back your particular skill set and see how you can include them in the experience and skills sections of your profile. This is also, a way to see what skills you may need to learn or improve on to remain competitive in the field.

3. Strong Visual Images

LinkedIn works like other social media platforms, meaning, the more active you are the higher are your chances of getting to the top of people’s newsfeeds. So, you will want to make sure that your posts make an impact! The best way to do that is through visual imagery. While copy should be your priority on LinkedIn, eye-catching images are always a great way to have people stop and pay attention to your post. Whether you are announcing your new job, discussing some industry-related topics or even showing that you completed a course, make sure to add a clear image of yourself or even make a simple graphic using apps like Canva. This is just another way to get more eyes on your page and have them notice what you are doing and discussing!

While it is important to maintain a strong LinkedIn profile it is equally important that you get eyes on your page. These tips are a few ways to get more of your connections and recruiters to know you and your work!


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