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How To Become A Successful Caribbean Business Woman with LinkedIn

Women are using their entrepreneurial skills and creative abilities to start businesses. Some of these incredible women are building their empires in the Caribbean.

(Naomi Garrick, Twitter)

Despite their challenges, women have always been resilient throughout history. They have faced abuse, discrimination, sexism, and harassment just for being who they are. But they can make a difference. It has been shown that women who work and earn their own income can impact the economy and society in a positive way. According to an ILO report, over 50 percent of women in the Caribbean are in the workforce. Over the years, LinkedIn has become a game-changer for professionals particularly women in human resources, health, law, finance, retail, media, communications, and education. There are more opportunities for women to collaborate, find job vacancies, recruit new employees or talent, and widen one’s business network.

Women and Business on LinkedIn

Even on social media, women are dealing with prejudice and discrimination. On LinkedIn, research has shown that recruiters are more likely to explore the profiles of male LinkedIn members than female ones. Experts suggest that for women to boost profile views on this platform, they should complete the various sections and promote their skills and abilities. This will help them highlight their unique value proposition in an extremely competitive job market or work environment.

Successful Business Women in 20th Century Before Social Media

Many celebrities, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Martha Stewart to name a few have built empires without social media.

Traditional marketing strategies, research, and the power of their personal brand made them household names and icons of popular culture.

But we are in a different time and women, especially women of color, in western countries are the risk-takers starting businesses quicker than in the past and using social media to advertise their products and services.

In the region, Caribbean women are attempting to do the same but they face many challenges when starting a business. For businesswomen, the solution is in their process and approach to their respective business ventures.

Successful women have found a business strategy-using social media, networking, and other marketing tactics to help them to craft their career paths, build their brands, and or create products for their base.

Also, women are natural nurturers have mastered the five important elements to success in business-

  • authenticity

  • confidence

  • helping others

  • listening to the audience or clients

  • hiring the right people

More Caribbean women are leading in business every year but the percentage is still small. A vibrant community of Caribbean women leaders is on LinkedIn with professional women taking over 40 percent of the site's profiles.

Meet Jamaica's PR Chick: Naomi Garrick

(Naomi Garrick,

The Caribbean is a melting pot of talent and innovation and in Jamaica, one businesswoman is leading her team in the field of public relations. Naomi Garrick, the Founder of Garrick Communications, explains that she has used her experience in public relations, sales, and marketing to create her own space in the industry. With a passion for storytelling, the University of the West Indies (UWI) and University of Technology graduate is a mother and author of "A PR Chick's Guide" and operates her business in Kingston Jamaica. With almost 5,000 followers on LinkedIn, she keeps her audience engaged with her #PRChickWeekly Round-Up blog on the professional platform. The PR chick is also a Personal Branding Coach and promotes her special PR Pop-Up events on Instagram. She truly embodies the five key components of success in her business and an exemplary example of the many inspiring businesswomen in the region and on LinkedIn.

Her books are "PR Chick's Guide: 8

Steps To Building Your Personal Brand Workbook and Mini Guide" and "Be A Unicorn".

Check out Naomi Garrick - The PR Chick’s profile on LinkedIn and


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