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Do You Need A Social Media Manager or A Content Marketing Agency?

Amazon does not need a well-known Marketing Agency to gain access to Caribbean customers. Every year they continue to drain our forex because their approach to online shopping is unmatched.

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Like an episode of Mad Men, the world of advertising agencies has been an industry guarded by a few major players who leverage their longevity and global connections. Nepotism is a cultural norm in Caribbean society with a hierarchical understanding of how the game is designed. There are a limited number of big contracts being served on the tennis court and the one holding the ball is based on the Marketing Manager at the helm.

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Advertising Agencies focused on balancing their clients and the media houses, but they forgot about their clients’ customers. Since the inception of Facebook, Digital Marketing has been an afterthought in the purgatory of unnecessary meetings - a commonplace for great ideas to die. However, the pandemic has highlighted how far behind Caribbean businesses are learning how to build online communities.

We have seen an increase in Full-time Job Postings with keywords such as Social Media Strategist and Digital Communications Officer. Their duties range from Create social ‘buzz’ to a minimum of two (2) years experience in a similar environment. All you have to do is use Google’s Job Search to understand how clueless we are about Digital Marketing in the Caribbean.

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Social Media Unicorn

One of the biggest trends is creating a list of responsibilities that only a unicorn could honestly agree to execute well. Business decision-makers (aka the ones signing the cheques) are not native to digital and do not seem eager to learn. That is why I have to stress the importance of the dreaded buzz term, Digital Transformation. Without understanding the multitude of skillsets required to manage a brand online, the industry will continue to devalue the work needed to create content and manage an online community.

Some may argue that Marketing isn’t Rocket Science, and young people can manage Facebook. If you fall into this category, ask yourself why Mark Zuckerberg was sweating in front of the US Congress? Social Media has the power to drive behaviour and save your business. Unfortunately, you will not be able to access its full potential if you keep using old solutions for new problems.

Newsflash: your business is no longer competing with the store next door.

Amazon offers direct shipping across the world. Jeff Bezos needs to recuperate his lost earnings from alimony.

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