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Evolving Your Business in 2019 with #BookmarkTuesday

Happy New Year, everyone!

We’ve made it to 2019, older and wiser (or so we all hope). The past year has been an interesting one for the digital space. From the rising Gen Z conversation, to trends such as ephemeral content and augmented reality, to understanding the importance of content and how the marketing funnel is evolving. With that in mind, 2019 brings another year of challenges and opportunities to learn.

At the local level, there have been many questions regarding digital media and its impact. What many companies don’t realize is that, more times than not, the little things add up. It goes without saying that keeping an eye on emerging trends is a must. However, do you have a foundation to accommodate those trends relevant to your business? Are you leaning into the fads or are you focused on the long-term synergy of your company’s channels?

Going back to basics isn’t a step backwards. It’s an opportunity to refresh, realign, and course correct, if necessary. Take a look at these three simple #BookmarkTuesday tips (courtesy of my colleague, Pauline) that can help you adapt and evolve in 2019:

Facebook Feedback

Google Analytics

Microsoft Sharepoint

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