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Exploring the world of Trinidad & Tobago Influencers

The New ACM Live series explores influencer marketing with local influencers.

Exploring the world of Influencer Marketing

Trinidad and Tobago influencers have risen to prominence and popularity very quickly in the last 10 years. From fashion to personality influencers, the country has produced a lot of social media talent and while they have continued to work with many brands, there is still a lot unknown about the local influencer industry.

In our new ACM Live segment, our host Pauline Joseph is going to explore the seemingly unknown world of influencer marketing in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. She will be asking all the questions you want to know, like:

· how do they make money online?

· the best platforms for earning money online?

· The creation process for their content both brand and otherwise?

· Best practices in the industry

· How to measure success with a brand and more.

Influencer marketing is still a relatively new dimension to marketing on social media in the Caribbean and understanding it is one way to ensure that companies can learn how to effectively use it. Anyone wanting to learn more about it should tune in to listen to Pauline’s discussions with local influencers.

Some of our guests will include:

Nelly B

Nelly has become a huge influencer in the beauty sector online, especially regarding natural hair, plants, plus size fashion and general lifestyle posts. Her content is very expansive and engaging. With incredible brand post with companies like Immortelle Beauty, Nelly has key insights into influencer culture and practices that business need to pay attention to.

Samara Maloney

Samara is undoubtedly one of Trinidad’s biggest influencers. Her digital portfolio includes content in skincare, beauty and fashion and she has worked with brands like Fabletics and Lulus. Samara’s reach is both local and international and she brings some new perspectives about influencer marketing into the conversation!

Avalon Gomes

Avalon is a master at teaching personal branding tips and promoting empowerment both on and offline. Her work speaks for itself, however, her insights into influencer marketing are very in-depth and interesting. Especially, when it comes to seeing the return on investment in influencer marketing for both influencer and company.

Daniel Loveless

Daniel is by far one of the most prominent personalities online right now in the Caribbean, his now-famous show called, “What Yuh Know”, goes across the country, region and even world to ask people random question and see how they answer. He has also been announced as the host for the Caribbean “Hot Ones” show. In his discussion with Pauline, they explore his path to success, what platforms he generates money for the show on and more.

These are just some of the guests we will talk to in the ACM Live influencer series. Make sure to tune in and learn more about the industry and how it works right here in T&T! You can watch the show live on our YouTube Channel or the AC Marketing Facebook Page. Our first episode with Samara Maloney will premiere on the 1st June 2021 with so mark your calendars!

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