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Is Your NGO Online?

Reasons why NGOs should solidify their online presence

Is Your NGO Online?

NGOs are a proliferation. With over 40,000 operating internationally, and 10 million worldwide, across a wide spectrum of industries and disciplines, their presence and influence have sparked heated debates, both for and against these organizations. Nevertheless their extensive work continues, for example: 1. Based in Bangladesh, BRAC, the largest non-governmental developmental organization in the world, focuses primarily on poverty eradication.

2. The Wikimedia Foundation, who is responsible for the well-known Wikipedia website, are considered the most influential NGO in the education space. 3. Cure Violence, based in Chicago, treats violence like an epidemic and utilizes innovation disease-control strategies to stop violent acts at the source.  

From a marketer’s perspective, it’s fascinating to watch the way these and other NGOs embrace their brand. It stands to reason that the larger ones are able to take advantage of the many resources that increase awareness of their cause, and drive engagement with a global audience.

What about smaller NGOs running on tight budgets, low staff and volunteerism? How do they ensure that their voice isn’t lost among the noise? How do they raise awareness and action towards their cause?

Digital strategies have become very important to these organizations, a fact emphasized in the 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report. For smaller NGOs, being online takes advantage of limited resources and allows a wide reach, either through a website, various social media channels or a combination of both.

An online presence is now key to building an audience and rallying their support for your cause. You are able to showcase your NGOs work on a consistent basis and interact with the community on a more personal level. Such a rapport increases people’s trust, understanding and, most importantly, their commitment. 

All these benefits are a click away. Don’t you think it’s time your NGO gets on the virtual highway?


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