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Social Media Data that NGOs Should Pay Attention To

Basic information on local audience's that could help their online marketing strategy

Social Media Data that NGOs Should Pay Attention To

When I was younger and on holidays from school, my mom and I would spend time combing through my room, boxing up clothing, toys and books to donate to the nearby children’s home. Back then, the internet was far from being the virtual powerhouse it is now and, as a child, time wasn’t of the greatest essence in my day-to-day endeavors. 

I still clear my room, but only once a year. Most times I’ll ask mom to make a deposit to charities offering that service, or withdraw a specific amount and hand-deliver to others. I’ve spent much of my time in transit and then sat in offices that offered pseudo-flexibility (save for this and my past job). Getting me face-to-face was a rare feat. The one place that you could easily find me, however, was online on my mobile, either via social media or communication apps e.g. WhatsApp.

In marketing terms, I am labeled a millennial (or Generation Y) i.e. a person born around the mid 1970s to the mid 2000s. Millennials are considered one of the most lucrative markets across many global industries. We’re an elusive bunch, indecisive, optimistic, opinionated and, most importantly, technologically inclined. Our relationship with technology, social media, and general online culture has encouraged companies and brands to really understand and deliver on our expectations. These companies and brands have created intuitive and fluid designs and products to meet our needs of getting things done now.

We are not the only generation that has embraced technology and the internet. Both Generation X and Baby Boomers have entered the space and have become comfortable making purchases online, utilizing online banking or keeping in-touch with family via Skype, among some examples. Simply put, having an online presence is no longer up for debate.

From managing social media across multiple brands in different industries, the demographics have become a point of interest for me. I currently see a trend of 25-34 year old women dominating Facebook stats, with mobile being the top device of choice for both men and women. Figures 1, 2 and 3 below illustrates this point in several Caribbean islands:

Figure 1 – Barbados’ present Facebook user demographics

Figure 2 – Trinidad and Tobago’s present Facebook user demographics

Figure 3 – St Lucia’s present Facebook user demographics

These are important statistics that your NGO can no longer ignore. Fully grasping who is online and what devices they are using to get there gives insight into the type of content your organization needs to create and how this content can be tailored to ensure maximum impact. 


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