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Commitment is key to Success on LinkedIn

Why Commitment is one of the key elements to success on the platform

In my first 2 blogs, I touched on the basics of setting up a LinkedIn company page and creating advertisements on the platform. The ‘how’ gave rise to the ‘why’, reasons I included based on extensive reading, research and observation.

Is the ‘why’ of it still lingering? I don’t blame you at all. Social media is still a new concept for many businesses. When you hear the word ‘Facebook’, ‘YouTube’ or ‘Instagram’ it can be hard to see the correlation with strategic business decisions and though hearing ‘LinkedIn’ may hold more sway, you’re still apt to question its viability.

In my favorite video game, Final Fantasy 9, you embark on a journey where you slowly get more and more access to the four continents, via foot, boat and an airship. Each step is a mark of greater understanding of the world, and in many ways, I can relate LinkedIn back to the constant stability gained through that game. It’s all about commitment – you build your company page and profile bit by bit, continuously adding new elements such as relevant articles, original blog posts, and targeted ads and campaigns. You aim to center yourself in a web of professional conversation, some of which you champion as you develop a reputable business voice.

Challenges have to be expected. Similar to randomly encountering enemy monsters in Final Fantasy, social media is an evolving and dynamic environment. My last blog post explored companies, large and small, utilizing LinkedIn to achieve different objectives. This global viewpoint is meant to put the different opportunities for your business into perspective. It also shows that a clearly defined purpose, appreciation of your audience, and content tailored to their needs increases the rate of success.

You cannot cut corners. Like any virtual and non-virtual channel, understanding your target and the value that they can bring your business is key.

During my LinkedIn adventures, I’ve noticed that though some local companies have LinkedIn company pages, they are not extensively used. Some of their last posts date back to 2013-2014. It makes me wonder if, at the time, the page was created in a moment of curiosity of the LinkedIn novelty. At present, in the grand scheme of business, managing another company page may not seem worthwhile.

However, I believe having an empty page does more harm than good. When I research companies on LinkedIn and find their pages lacking, I imagine watching a ship sailing away, carrying its possibilities into the horizon. Given the platform’s growing popularity over the past few years, a candid look at what lies beyond the door that LinkedIn opens can further assist you and your business goals.

One particular regional consultant put a spin on things by delivering all his original business related content via his personal LinkedIn page. From using the controversial as a frame of reference to an opinionated discussion on education, to a constructive view of an ongoing issue, he has amassed a following of intellectuals ready to engage in debate on relevant topics. The content is posted on the company’s Facebook page, however it isn’t featured on their LinkedIn company page.

It would be ideal to grow his audience beyond LinkedIn by extending his unique outlook to a business conversation on his Facebook page and integrating his LinkedIn company page into the conversation. Regardless, it’s still a refreshing showcase, as there aren’t many local or regional companies taking advantage of LinkedIn at all.

Commitment will always be key, a point I’ve reiterated in this and previous posts. From a digital marketing perspective, understanding the influence and opportunities of social media platforms, especially one of LinkedIn’s caliber, is no longer a matter of ‘if’, only ‘when’.

The time to get on that ship is now.


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