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Company's that had Successful LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

How companies like HP & Emma Inc gained success on the platform.

Company's that had Successful LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

In my previous blog, I dived into the specifics of setting up a LinkedIn ad, showing both its flexibility and precision in reaching your desired target. It’s a platform of opportunities for your business, but don’t take my word for it. Other companies have tooted the LinkedIn horn for the successful campaigns they recorded through strategic advertising on the site.

Hewlett Packard (HP) was researching innovative ways to reach out to commercial clients, and create more personal relationships with them. Such a community, who would interact, collaborate and most importantly, recommend HP as a trusted brand for IT solutions, was the ultimate challenge undertaken.

Though other social media platforms were explored, LinkedIn was chosen for its professional edge and wholly business-oriented conversations. After launching its Company Page in 2010, HP followed this with targeted recommendation advertisements. These ads showed members who had endorsed HP, and encouraged others to visit the page, partake in the wealth of information and provide recommendations of their own.

The campaign went viral. As Larry Nelson, then Director of Digital Strategy, said,

“There are not a lot of other vehicles to reach a business audience on the scale that we can with LinkedIn.”

In 2012, HP launched another campaign, ‘Make it Matter’, with the aim of deepening engagement with the IT decision makers across 15 target markets. Advertisements to bring awareness to the campaign and encourage people to visit the HP page and follow the company were used. Needless to say, this campaign was also a success.

Figure 1 – HP’s present LinkedIn Company Page

Emma Inc. is a much smaller company than HP, offering email marketing solutions and services to a wide range of global organizations. Their size, however, does not inhibit their ability to achieve great things for their brand. Through consecutive LinkedIn campaigns in 2014, and a full-funnel approach in 2015, both featuring ads on the platform, Emma Inc. was able to engage with prospects within each of their targeted verticals. From building initial awareness, to providing updates to drive engagement, to more personalized communications that tailored to each prospect’s need, they were able to take charge of the funnel in a structured and meaningful way.

Figure 2 – Emma Inc’s present LinkedIn Company Page

There are multiple customers with LinkedIn success stories, who have used the platform’s solutions to achieve their B2B (and B2C) marketing goals. From generating worthwhile leads, to increasing engagement, to promoting specifics discussions, to showcasing the value of their company’s offerings, the foundation left by these case studies speak volumes. LinkedIn has become THE professional standard, with diverse opportunities for both large and small business to take advantage of. The only question that remains is, will you be the next company to champion LinkedIn as a value added channel?


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