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Social Media Roundup – Week 10

Sometimes, your social media needs a barrier


Recently, a local company chimed in on the Great Barrier Reef’s ‘death’, which was a series of click-bait articles that lamented the loss of reef. It was a premature declaration. While we know that the reef is in trouble and has been for some years, the issue with the local company’s post is the lack of research into the topic. Taking articles at face value and then becoming part of the false conversation does not bode well in the online space, especially when your audience is well-informed. The post has since been removed from the company’s page but the lesson remains: don’t subject your brand to unnecessary negativity.

Listen up local companies, smart website design is non-negotiable


As we move towards greater local tourism promotion, the Tourism Development Company (TDC) recently launched its new destination website in an effort to showcase the vibrant culture of Trinidad and Tobago. While this is admirable, and long overdue, there are a few issues that mar its viability. For one, the site isn’t fully mobile compatible. With over 1.5 million mobile subscriptions in Trinidad and Tobago alone, mobile friendliness needs to be a priority when building your website. Additionally there is a disconnect between the website’s copy and local culture, which makes for a jarring read. Remember, blending modern design with smart content is key to highlight your brand’s uniqueness, both on a local and international stage. (Note: at posting time, the site was down for maintenance). 

Broken links are stuff of your social media nightmares


In Week 7 of our Roundup, we spoke about leaving your brand unattended on social and the consequences for your brand image. Automating your social media posts makes populating your pages much easier, however you can’t abandon the human element in the process. A local recruitment company seems to face this issue as the links accompanying several of their posts lead to a blank page. While it may be excusable on 1 or 2 posts, the re-occurrence of broken links does shine a questionable light on your brand image. Always keep an eye on your social so you can fix these issues ASAP.

Facebook ads are NOT a boost for all


Boosting your Facebook posts is a fantastic advertising tool that allows you to take advantage of segmentation tactics, such as demographics and lifestyle, to reach your desired audience. The difficulty lies in knowing what to boost, when to boost it, for how long and at what cost. It boils down to what is the overall goal of your promoted content and what information is of the greatest value to your current and potential customers. A couple pointers: 1. Ensure that the you understand Facebook’s general guidelines when creating content to boost and 2. Don’t boost posts not directly related to your company/brand, unless it brings you measurable value.

AC Marketing has some surprises in store!

It’s our 10th episode of Social Media Roundup and we’ve had the greatest time learning about video content and bringing you news from the exciting social space. From the local and regional sphere to international stories, we’ve explored how companies, brands, and celebrities have incorporated social media into their strategies. As we continue to build this momentum, we’ll be introducing new content highlighting the ACM brand, including additional video content and a redesigned website. Stay tuned!

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