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Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Jamaica 2021

As the uncertainty of 2022 looms, users everywhere have expanded their use of the web exponentially.

After sifting through the data on, we've gathered the top 10 most popular websites in Jamaica - the higher the ranking, the more traffic and page views.

So, with that, let's get into it!

10. - With more people working remotely than ever before, we all have to learn how to stay better connected even if we can't get to the office. Microsft Office helps bridge that gap and connects all of your mobile productivity apps at once. People check their emails often and thoroughly among one of the higher daily time averages per viewer. At 12 minutes per visit, there is plenty to cover on the Office website.

9. - The fact that Scotiabank has stayed so strong for visitors from Jamaica, who spend 5:52 minutes per user on the site. A clear indicator of the future of banking in the Caribbean.

8. - We all have questions, and in most cases - Wikipedia has answers. Users tend to spend 3 to 4 minutes on the page, but it does get a consistent flow of viewers daily. When we're talking about Wikipedia, of all websites—you shouldn't be surprised to hear it's remained on the top 10 for some time now.

7. - The massive live platform helps connect while working remotely. Combined with email and calendars, it stays at the forefront of the digital landscape in Jamaica, which is why users spend an average of 5 minutes on the page — just enough to keep on top of things.

6. - This adult website has been consistent for quite some time with Jamaican traffic. Though users don't stick around as long as other websites, a general average user might only stay on the website for just over two and a half minutes.

5. - Yahoo has just about everything any user might need - from email to financial news, and until recently, their massive questions platform. Generally, users move quickly through Yahoo, at just 5 minutes per page visit on average.

4. - One thing that will never stop is people's desire to stay connected. People use Facebook for funny videos, memes, marketplaces, and the ability to communicate with loved ones even over long distances. Jamaican visitors often scroll through the platforms on average for around 18 minutes. Facebook isn't going anywhere soon.

3. - Amazon maintains along with the next two on this list - sitting higher than some other islands in the Caribbean for Jamaica. The average time users spend on Amazon is around 11 minutes, indicating that users are spending more time and money on the international shipping platform. Given the world, it's no mystery why people value convenience and safety worldwide, and Jamaica is no different!

2. - As one of the most popular social media websites globally, Youtube is bound to be at the top. The average user spends 19 minutes on the page per visit, giving them plenty of time to search for the information or clips they need. This video-based platform has perfected the art of engaging and retaining its users.

1. - Google has always, and will always, likely be one of the top websites in the world. With the world in upheaval, many of us have questions - we want to learn things and grow as individuals. With an average user spending just under 20 minutes on the site, they're looking for answers in a sea of information.

Adapting to the new digital landscape looks a little different for everyone. People are looking for answers, information, and connections between applications, emails, videos, and social media before anything else.

As a small business owner, you're going to want to meet their needs and catch their eyes. In this case, your best bet to connect with audiences in Jamaica will be to rank your site on google or get a fair amount of buzz going through Youtube or Facebook through careful and direct advertising.

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