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Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Jamaica

The birthplace of reggae has often fascinated many with its vivacious culture. But now the tables are turned and we’re going to look at what fascinates Jamaicans. With 2020 being the year of the “Lockdown” we thought it would be wise to look at how they spend their time online. We used the analytics website,, to get the top 10 most popular websites in Jamaica. A higher ranking coincides with a higher combination of visitors and pageviews.

Let’s see who made the cut!

This website attracts visitors who spend around 6 minutes on the site and view over 5 pages. The presence of this site indicates Jamaicans have a preference for online banking compared to traditional banking.

You are seeing correctly; an adult website has weaselled its way on the list. Visitors spend a little under 2 minutes on this site and view approximately 2 pages. It would be reasonable to presume that its ranking can be attributed to a high number of daily visitors.

This is the lowest ranking we’ve seen for Bing compared to the other Caribbean islands (Trinidad &Tobago, Barbados, Bahamas). The time spent on the site is approximately 3 minutes per visitor and they view around 3 pages. This indicates that the website is attracting much lower visitors in Jamaica.

Jamaica is the only island thus far with its university website in the top 10 list. It comes daringly close to the top 3 sites with the highest daily visitor time. This site is accessed mainly by students who spend a little over 15 minutes here and view about 8 pages.

Jamaicans have embraced the online version of meetings given the comparatively high ranking of Zoom. The website, made popular by the pandemic, is frequented by visitors who spend over 8 minutes on their site and view approximately 4 pages.

Memes and funny videos never get old, which is partly why Facebook’s visitors are glued to this platform for over 18 minutes per day and view around 9 pages. Also, the pandemic has brought many stresses into our daily lives therefore content related to relaxation and entertainment is growing in popularity.

Amazon's large number of daily visitors pushes its ranking higher compared to the other islands. Visitors spend around 10 minutes on the website and view roughly 10 pages. This indicates that Jamaicans may prefer purchasing items online due to convenience and safety as opposed to visiting traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

From the latest financial news to accessing one’s mail, Yahoo has managed to maintain its relevance as a search engine. Clearly, a high number of daily visitors has bolstered this site to the #3 spot since persons spend only 5 minutes on the site and view around 5 pages.

YouTube emerges as the most popular social media website, boasting a 16-minute average visitor time and approximately 10 pageviews. The video-based platform has mastered the art of engaging its users and keeping them entertained.

This year has left us with many questions and, like most of the world, Jamaicans have chosen Google to find some answers. This is why Google remains unchallenged in the top spot with visitors spending around 15 minutes on the site and viewing up to 17 pages.

Jamaica shares the same top 3 positions as the other islands, however, there are some striking differences. Bing isn’t as popular; however, the opposite can be said for Zoom. Businesses can use this opportunity to meet with clients on Zoom or set up webinars to educate customers about their products/services. You also may have noticed there is a strong e-commerce theme on the list. Jamaicans prefer online banking and shopping online, which means local businesses can capitalize on this trend by setting up an online version of their business.


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