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Why do T&T Businesses Not Put Prices on their Social Media?

Why do T&T Businesses Not Put Prices on their Social Media?

If you have spent enough time on social media in Trinidad and Tobago, then chances are you have come across a product on Instagram or Facebook that you wanted and in the copy of that post were the words, "DM for price."

There is nothing quite as frustrating to see as a consumer.

Local businesses are notorious for not including the price on their posts and instead ask that their potential consumers reach out to them for the price.

One of the main reasons businesses say they do not put prices in the description of their post is to hide it from competitors. However, there are many factors as to why this isn't a good enough reason.

Here are some reasons why not including price could be affecting your business:

1. Creating a Seamless Customer Journey

We are living in a world where many businesses, no matter, where they are located are competing with Amazon. The ease of use, access to prices and quick delivery have all set new standards for what consumers expect from businesses. This is a harsh reality, especially for small businesses, however, ensuring a seamless customer journey is what has to be prioritized by any company.

Businesses have to think about what factors can be put in place to make the customers journey from ordering to delivery is as easy as possible. On the most basic level of this, is the customer having easy access to the price. Understandably, a website isn't feasible for local SME's however, there are ways to get around this which we will explore later on in this blog.

2. Takes You Away from More Important Tasks

Especially for small businesses that do not have a social media team, responding to every DM about pricing is very time-consuming. Putting the price in the description or directing viewers to a website, takes away the time spent on these interactions, which in turn allows the owner to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

3. Ok, so what are my options?

Automate as much as you can. Yes, websites aren't affordable for most businesses but there are loopholes around this. For starters, put the cost in your description, this makes it easier for both you and the consumer as they will only ever reach out if they want to order something. If you have done your research on pricing you would also have come up with a price you feel set on so put it out there!

If you are adamant about not including the price on posts then find ways around it like other local businesses have. This includes: adding prices in Instagram highlights, creating a Google Doc ordering system that allows customers to see costs and order on the form or use local online marketplaces that allow local businesses to have an online shop like Sphare and Unqueue.

Competition online is not just with locals, it also includes well-known websites in foreign countries, that is why having an easy customer experience has to be at the centre of a local business's strategy.


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