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Why Every Salesperson Should Use LinkedIn Premium

The year 2020 is changing the way global companies do business. ”The new normal” is a shift from face-to-face interactions to online interactions. LinkedIn Premium packaging is what all B2B brands and sales/marketing teams need. It is concise, remote, and supplies a professional LinkedIn member with the tools to increase their sales and meet their targets.

Most Signif Changes in Sales in 2020

B2B companies are not sleeping on the business opportunities that are available during this global disruption.

  • Companies are prioritizing digital solutions more than before

  • Salespersons and marketers are given the option to work remotely and interact with potential clients via the Internet

  • B2B businesses are working to make the online client experience better

So how does LinkedIn Premium work in this environment?

LinkedIn Premium is tailored for the recruiter, job hunters and business people seeking new clients. This investment will help sales and marketing professionals target the clients that they want and not the ones that appear in the network through casual connections.

Three Selling Points of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn members will gain traction using

1.Inmail -this gives you the ability to send messages to anyone on LinkedIn

2. LinkedIn Learning is an online learning hub offered with the package

3. Access to see any names or accounts that viewed your profile in the last 90 days.

LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator is for B2B Brands

More Opportunities to Build Relationships

The days of going to weekly or monthly conventions, seminars and symposiums are gone, but there are other ways of reaching the people who you want to make that business connection. LinkedIn is using this feature to assist salespersons through Inmail option, saved leads, custom tags or notes and advanced searches.

It’s Even Better Working As A Team

This plan allows team members to see the progress of negotiations with a potential client. Users will also have access to 25 “out of network“ connections.

Easier Software Integration

In this technological age, time is money and computer and tech companies are meeting the needs of professionals in marketing and sales. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator has links with CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems. This feature helps with tracking sales data. Some of the sales apps that integrate with Sales Navigator includes Lucidchart, Hubspot and Oracle Sales Cloud.

LinkedIn gives its professional members different Premium options, see them here.


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