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Daniel Loveless's Strategy to Success on Social Media

Loveless's strategy to cross-posting is extremely effective.

Daniel Loveless's Strategy to Success on Social Media

Daniel Loveless has become one of, if not the most, successful online content creators in Trinidad and Tobago. His hit show "What Yuh Know" has accumulated millions of views across the world and platforms. In his interview with #ACMLive Daniel discusses the origin of the show and his trajectory to success.

Something Daniel touched on in his interview with Pauline, was his strategy to success across platforms. This touches on a really critical question in digital marketing which is: do you post the same content across various platforms?

Daniel believes that adjusting your content for different platforms and audiences is the best strategy and we have to agree and here is why:

Catch Daniel Loveless's interview with AC Marketing here.

Catering to the Audience

Daniel mentioned that he and his team tailor the content for both the platform and their audience. The reason that this is an effective strategy is that each platform has different sets of criteria for success and meeting the audience's needs.

He mentioned in his interview that he categorizes the audiences he has on each platform. He explained that more 'kids' engage with his content on YouTube, an older demographic that he calls 'parents' is who he caters the content to on Facebook and Instagram is more of a mix of millennials and Gen-Z's. Thus he creates content suited to the platform and the audience that the platform attracts.

For example, Daniel uses the same content from his Youtube/Facebook videos to make short clips on TikTok and Instagram. The shorter clips are adjusted for both the platform format requirements and audience behaviour and each video is able to attract a lot of viewers despite being "re-used content".

How to Cross-Post Correctly:

This had us thinking about how many Caribbean businesses are not cross-posting as effectively as they should. So, here are some tips for companies who want to be more effective with their posts across platforms:

  1. Adjust the copy for each platform: Captions should always be adjusted for each platform. For example, short captions work on TikTok and long and in-depth captions are more successful on LinkedIn

  2. Adjust the image for each platform: For example, companies prefer to use still images on Twitter but will create a video with the same content for Instagram and Facebook.

  3. Know what are the best times to post on each platform: you will learn this through posting regularly however, Hootsuite also has an in-depth article explaining what times are best for posting on each social media website.

  4. Know what works for each platform: after the initial phase, you will begin to recognize patterns similar to how Daniel did. A meme might work better on Instagram stories vs your company's LinkedIn page. Each channel will develop its own "personality" which will help you understand what works best for each page and audience, even if that is just minor adjustments to captions.

  5. Trial & Error: the best way to learn what works for you is to have a plan and strategy for cross-posting over a specific period of time and then gauge how it is working for both you and your audience.

Learn more about Daniel Loveless's strategy to success below:


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