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IG Hot Gyal vs a Content Creator

Nelly B discusses the reality of being a content creator in Trinidad and Tobago

"The biggest myth is that it is easy and anyone can be successful at it." Those are the words of Nelly B, the Trinbagonian Instagram, Youtube and Facebook connoisseur. With experience spanning years and across platforms, she has key insights into the reality of content creation within the local Trinbagonian landscape.

Here are some things she shared with us in her interview on ACM Live!

"I guess my value lies in my authenticity"

Nelly began her content creation journey in 2012 out of a desire to see content that reflects the Caribbean experience, culture, and climate. "I realized at the time there weren't many, if any at all, Trinidadian Youtubers who were reviewing and creating content for our landscape."

This combined with her honest reviews of products and services has garnered a strong trust between her and her audience. She said, "I aim to be as authentic as possible."

IG Hot Gyal vs a Content Creator

Now the reason you all probably clicked this link, what is the difference between an "IG Hot Gyal" and a Content Creator? As Nelly said, this is no disrespect to IG Hot Gyals, but content creators have to put out more effort than just a cute picture. Nelly listed the amount of preparation, filming, editing and posting that goes into creating engaging content across platforms.

"I never liked the term influencer"

She made it clear that she doesn't carry herself or centre her content with the mindset of an influencer. "I don't put myself out there as an influencer, I have never liked the term influencer because I am not trying to influence anybody to do anything." Rather she is taking people along for the journey as she navigates plus size fashion, natural hair and life itself.

She notes, however, the inherent value in what she does for an audience as opposed to more traditional forms of advertising. Her content she believes is more personalized and "a two-way street" form of communication. She sees the limitation of scope for more traditional mediums whereas her content is able to see and do a lot more.

The reality of being a Black Creator

Black creators have many obstacles against them. Whether it is being underpaid or overlooked. However, the reality for black creators in the local space is one we don't often hear about. Nelly explained her reality of being a black creator specifically in Trinidad and Tobago saying, "It all boils down to standards of beauty and what is conventionally beautiful and conventionally pleasing to the eye. Not saying that this is not beautiful. I think I'm gorgeous but when we look at it (locally) if you don't have a particular aesthetic, then Crapo smoke your pipe."

She also stated that it seems that if creators don't show more skin or do something scandalous that, "it is almost as if the algorithm is limiting you."

Still, Nelly B navigates the good and bad with her signature style and her dedication to her craft across Instagram, Youtube and more! We highly recommend you check her out and our interview with her in the video below:


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