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Instagram for Business is here!

The new feature gives businesses more data and features.

Instagram for Business is here!

If data excites you as much as it does us folks at AC Marketing, you’ll be thrilled to note that Instagram for Business is finally available in our region! With over 500 million active monthly users, Instagram is a powerhouse of a platform that leverages visual storytelling as its main appeal.

With the Business option, you now have access to Insights. Similar to Facebook Insights, it provides analytics such as Top Posts, Follower Demographics, Reach and Impressions. To convert your current Instagram to a Business account, you must have a Facebook Page as both are linked. You must also provide at least one way for persons to contact your business, via email, phone or an address. On mobile, the profile’s appearance can be seen below:

To learn more about using Instagram for Business, check out these helpful videos on setting up your profile, navigating Insights and more. Instagram’s Business Blog is another excellent resource for updates on the platform. Learn about companies and brands doing amazing things on Instagram, including popular names like KFC, Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz and Salesforce.


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