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The Top 10 Most Popular Websites in Trinidad and Tobago 2021

With 2020 and 2021 behind us - the way we interact with the internet has completely changed has nailed down the top 10 most popular websites in all of Trinidad and Tobago. Alexa ranks based on average daily visits, time spent on sites, daily pageviews, percentage of traffic from search, and backlinks. Hopefully, by the end of this video, you can better understand how to navigate and market towards your Trinidad & Tobago audiences and potentially expand your reach.

So, with that, let’s get into it!

10. - This part-social media, part-news site is the perfect time sink. At number 10, it sits a little bit in the middle of daily time spent, at just 5:44 minutes per visitor - as people are often clicking in and out of the site onto other source websites. With a slightly lower than average daily page view of just 4.60, it gets about 36% of its traffic from search engines, leading the pack from behind in this respect. Reddit also has a relatively high number of backlinks on other sites, at 284,345 sites - meaning its reach does extend pretty far out.

9. - Bing currently occupies the lower end of daily time spent at just 2:52 minutes per visitor and daily page views at just 2.67. This lesser-used search engine is still at the forefront of users’ minds. It provides different search results than the higher-volume google and even yahoo.

8. - this Microsoft website corrals the group with visitors spending close to 5 and a half minutes each visit. Live combines email and calendars and keeps people connected on the digital landscape, which is more important than ever. It commands 9% of its traffic from search engines but has only 55,356 backlinks across the web.

7. - With more people working from home than ever before, especially in the wake of the pandemic and expanded remote work, Zoom was bound to make this list. Zoom users spend an average of nearly seven minutes on the zoom website and 23.61 page views per user. It also gets a higher percentage of traffic from search engines - 16%, to be exact - and has a much higher backlink amount of 234,766 across the web.

6. - For users looking for entertainment, Netflix is king. However, with its strong app focus, the website only gets a meagre 4:46 minutes per user for each visit and around 3.61 page views per visitor. Netflix brings in around 9.20% of its traffic from search engines and boasts just about 554,766 backlinks to its name.

5. - The high number of backlinks can be the main driving attribute, drawing a consistent user base with 4.83 daily page views per user. It gets only 8.50% of its traffic from search engines but keeps users on the page for just around 5 minutes.

4. - Trinbagonians spend close to 18 minutes per day, making it a leader in this category, with 8.58 page views per user and 8.90% of its traffic from search engines. Where it truly reigns king is its 11,540,199 backlinks across the web. This number ensures users not only find themselves on Facebook more often but that they will also be incentivized to continue to come back.

3. - As people want to stay connected and get the things they want most, Amazon is often peoples’ first choice when it comes to online shopping. Amazon sits high on this list, boasting 11 minutes daily per visitor as they shop for desires and necessities alike. Daily pageviews sit at 9.96 per user, and they maintain around 19% of their traffic from search engines. While their backlinks might be lower than others, it’s still higher than most of this list, with 708,569 across the web.

2. - Users in T&T spend the most time of any other website on this list on youtube, sitting at about 19 and a half minutes, with ten daily page views per user. Youtube gets nearly 13% of its traffic from search engines and has a high number of backlinks, at 4,543,524 across the web.

1. - google has a little bit for everyone, all the time. They are dominating the top spot. The daily time spent lags just behind youtube, but people are spending more time per user on google than any other site - at 18.51 page views per user. There are over 6,480,338 backlinks to google, putting it just behind facebook but still towards the top.

As we all change and adapt our internet usage to the times, everyone may look slightly different. People searching for answers, connections, and interconnected web apps and tools will turn to the best in the industry for each. As small business owners, you need to know how best to meet their needs while reaching your audience. Your best bet for audiences in Trinidad & Tobago is ranking on search engines like Yahoo or Google to expand your reach. Either that or using Facebook as a marketing tool and youtube for careful and direct marketing.

If this was helpful, share it with your network. And don’t forget to subscribe to the AC Marketing Youtube Channel. Let us know what else you’d like me to cover in the comments below, and I’ll see you soon!

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