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Top 5 Most Viewed YouTube Channels from the Bahamas in 2021

Youtube has grown and become a hugely diverse platform with users of all backgrounds.

With the number of channels increasing alongside the number of countries being represented, diversity keeps growing. Out of the Bahamas, there are dozens of well-known, popular channels running across various niches.

We've compiled a list of five of the most subscribed-to channels out of the Bahamas. We've used the website If you're looking through the data yourself, you'll notice a few channels on the list are set to the location - but aren't coming from the Bahamas. We've gone ahead and cut those out to bring you the most relevant channels. With this insight, we'll better look at the kind of content coming out of the Bahamas and their audiences' offerings.

5. Homemade Heroes Universe - with 35.4k subscribers since they joined in July of 2014, HH universe offers skit videos, cosplay, movies, video games, and more as a sort of variety. Some of their early videos have a few thousand views each, with a total of 33,267 views to date.

4. cameronmd80 - Cameonmd80 offers a Bahamian approach to aviation, primarily offering plane spotting videos, watching from the Pindling International Airport in the Bahamas. Each video has a few thousand views each, with the channel sitting around 14,684,319 in total. They joined YouTube in February of 2009, and the track has gained around 36k followers since.

3. Brittany Kyss (Kinkyislandgirl) - Brittany Kyss is a lifestyle and beauty channel out of the Bahamas. They joined on April 29th, 2012, and have since gained a subscriber list of 82.4k. They have 6,690,295 views total, and each video varies from a couple hundred to a couple thousand, between videos about hairstyles, hair-care, accessories, and fashion.

2. Quality Lyric Channel - Since late 2006, Quality Lyric Channel has amassed 73.7k subscribers and 49,327,964 views across its videos. Each video varies from a couple of thousand pictures to a few hundred thousand. The channel offers lyric videos for popular music like The Notorious BIG, Lil Jon, Nelly, and Mad Cobra.

1. Munroe Global - The motivational and leadership-based channel, Munroe Global, is the most subscribed-to channel out of the Bahamas. It has around 519k followers and was created on July 30th, 2011. Currently, they have about 50,998,957 views across their videos that range from a couple thousand to a few hundred each. The content goes from faith-based to leadership skills and coaching videos, most done in an easy-to-follow 2D animation style.

The sort of content we see on the internet varies significantly from the audience to audience and even more so from country to country. If you look at some of the other popular channels, you see anything from conspiracy theories, yoga, wellness, movies, music, and more. This list shows that if you're looking to do well for your target audience in the Bahamas, niches like beauty, music, or hobbies tend to do rather well. Knowing your audience is essential when building your channel, and niching down to match them will benefit you greatly.

If this was helpful, please share. And don't forget to subscribe to the AC Marketing Youtube Channel. Let us know what else you'd like us to cover in the comments below.

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